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  • sayleweleweye sayleweleweye Nov 28, 2007 4:51 PM Flag

    AMGN, Roche, competing Co's strategy...

    Hold tight and your bags (and mine) will hopefully be lined with gold :). We know this stock can be fueled by momentum and it only takes 1 piece of news to do the trick...

    The strategy I've outlined is a very real possibility (if a hedge fund doesn't get to SSRX first). AMGN and Roche are looking for ways to grow -- China is a key area to do that, but SSRX stands in their way as the clear market leader. That's not going to change anytime soon and if SSRX mgmt. (which is strong) can do it, they'll expand on those market share gains. So...

    Given SSRX's foothold, if the competition can't crack the nut, the best thing for them to do is take advantage of SSRX being "on sale" and try and reap an investment reward from SSRX's gains. Andy Grove at Intel was brilliant at doing this. Giiz, the company is sitting with over $100M in cash...their business is ridiculously undervalued (below IPO levels I might add).

    Truth is, there is too much growth potential for SSRX in too big a market to be ignored for much longer.

    Any successful news on their latest pipeline between now & end-of-year may be the catalyst where we wake up to see the stock atop the Nasdaq to leaders.

    Be patient, hold the stock, and you and I will hopefully get that gold in the bags for us both to buy some goodies this holiday season. I've been in this since the beginning and plan to keep it as a core holding.

    Good luck & be patient!

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