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  • madiff25 madiff25 Feb 8, 2008 10:02 AM Flag


    I am not selling SSRX, but wish the company would doa little better about addressing the slide in share price. Don't mean to whine, but we've been pretty pathetic in the last month.

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    • Hang in there guys....

      I have gone long since I liked what I read on the board, especially by Madiff, Rel and Kev to name a few; and also looking at the fundamentals and growth prospects of SSRX.

      I am sure our pain will pay off....Biotech is booming.
      Lets just wait for the earnings...It cant get any worse now!

      Good Luck

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      • Fortunately I still have my original position at the $9 level, but I not sold any of those shares -- so this nearly $5/share drop since the start of the year has been VERY painful to watch. I see no reason to panic sell -- the low volume makes this reek of manipulation from the little fish out there. Any positive news + heavy volume would spark a fast rebound...and I agree it is time for the COmpnay to step up to the plate -- stock buyback, partnership, pipeline news, pre-announce earnings...something

    • Its too bad. As suspected the rally was only for the conference and mgmt failed to make the case. Lots of other stuff working. Really needed to hold 11.06 area, not its dropping hard. Next stop for a trade is 9.08 and possibly 8.20 the all time low. I would sell on the earnings, take a tax loss, and look again once the wash period ends. If SSRX is what they say they are then there willl be plenty of room over the next six months to enter on an uptrend. Otherwise this is entering its forth straight month of lower highs and lower lows.

      good luck, outta here.