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    Ministry of Commerce: EU photovoltaic enterprises difficulties can not 商务部:不能将欧盟光伏企业困难归咎于中企倾销

    Sep. 15, 2012 03:30 China News microblogging

    China news agency, Brussels, September 14 (Reporter Chen Chen) - The afternoon of September 14, Chong Quan, deputy representative of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce trade negotiations rate Chinese government delegation in the Belgian capital of Brussels and the EU Trade Directorate-General De Madi EU Chinese solar cell anti-dumping case consultation. After the end of the nearly three hours of negotiations, Chong Quan said: "De Madi and I were very frank meeting, both sides believe that their best efforts to avoid the occurrence of a trade war, we reached consensus."

    Chong Quan said: "If the EU demonstrated enough sincerity, I am confident that the two sides through consultations, dialogue and cooperation to solve this problem. Central Europe is now very important trade partners to each other in the current world economic situation is grim, the economic downturn the case, the EU there is no reason not to resolve the issue through consultation and dialogue, I think, both afford to lose in the event of a trade war, the situation is out of control, a lose-lose. "

    Chong Quan pointed out, the European Commission, despite the opposition of the Chinese government and industry, insisted to launch anti-dumping investigation of Chinese photovoltaic cells. Case involving more than 200 billion U.S. dollars of export in China, the relationship with thousands of companies in China and more than 40 million jobs, the Chinese government, industry, and public opinion attaches concern. EU PV industry beginning is mutual needs, up to promote mutual development and the formation of today "You have me, and I in you" industrial division of labor and in the photovoltaic industry chain advantages, mutual benefit and win-win relationship. EU should not only see of photovoltaic battery exports to the EU, this gives the the EU photovoltaic power installation industry should also see an increase of more than 20 million jobs, EU raw materials, technology and equipment, a few hundred billion dollars in exports to China as well as the solar industry to promote EU energy The transformation speed up these indisputable facts.

    Chong Quan said the current difficulties of the photovoltaic industry is the problem faced by the entire industry. The difficulties of the EU companies can not be attributed to the Chinese companies of dumping, dumping, and competition is a completely different concept. Hope that the EU fully objective and impartial judgment on the case, to address the challenges through cooperation rather than unilaterally adopt trade restrictive measures. China and the EU share broad common interests and cooperation in trade, investment and technical cooperation in many areas. Not just a product, any restrictive measures affect the interests of the industry, will affect the overall interests of the EU industry and EU.

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    • Chongquan Jiang emphasized that the EU's approach has aroused strong dissatisfaction of the Chinese industry to require the Government to take measures, not inaction. Clearly, the case has become a test of China-EU economic and trade relations between the major issues handled properly and will cause serious negative impact on bilateral economic and trade relations. China does not want to see the case to the fuse of the China-EU trade conflicts. The best way to solve the problem is the dialogue, and hope that the EU attaches importance to China's concerns, and to seek ways to resolve trade frictions through dialogue and consultation between the two governments and the industry, to make the case to be properly resolved, maintaining the overall situation of China-EU economic and trade relations.

      De Madi said the case is the European Commission based on the enterprise application and filing by proceedings to investigate, but does not result any anticipation. EU to understand the huge value of the case is the case, has its own specialty and interests of both sides to avoid trade conflicts. In the process of a criminal investigation, the EU is willing to under the rules of the WTO and the EU legal framework, at the same time on the case with China, consultations and discussions to explore a solution to the problem. The both industry can also be independently decided to carry out consultations.

      On September 6, the EU announced to launch anti-dumping investigation by the Chinese photovoltaic cells. The data show that the EU accounts for about 60% of the Chinese photovoltaic products export share, the total amount of exports to the European Union has reached about $ 20.4 billion in 2011 photovoltaic products means that the history of China, the European Union move involved the largest amount of trade disputes on this pull open the curtain. (End)

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