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  • I think that JKS may soon go up over 70% in one day. JKS picked up over a quarter of a billion dollars to buy production assets. JKS got the assets at about 15 to 20 cents on the dollar(I think the deal was in place before the stock and bond offer was made or how else would you know how much money to get or why would JKS raise the money in the first place). If you look at the bond offer, it is the same as the stock offer(there is about a 1.7% difference between buying the stock and holding the bonds for five years and then getting the stock). JKS picked up around 2.5GW to 3GW of production per year. JKS will be worth over 70 % more without factoring in the savings.

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    • Yeah, the market isn't too impressed with that. For those wishing to know what attacggcgttg is talking about, it can be found at Seeking Alpha or you can see a copied version from them below. If this is what they got and this is what the money was used, I think we got shafted by JKS with this purchase. I have to believe there is more to the story than we are reading. If they knew the price ahead of time as you state, and they may have, then why did they up the number of shares the following day after announcing it? Is it because they are really crooked and wanted to mislead people another day? I am beginning to see why JKS is performing pathetic compared to the rest of the market. Not worth the premium to hold them for long term when you can buy so many others that actually can hold their value. What good does it do to hold a stock if it is a yo-yo. This is why you trade this POS and not hold it. Those who say hold it for long term I am beginning to think have ulterior motives. By the way, I thought the extra capital they were raising was for something else, but it appears I was wrong by thinking that.

      JinkoSolar (JKS +0.5%) has agreed to buy the manufacturing assets of bankrupt rival Zhejiang Topoint. The assets include 500MW of solar cell and wafer capacity apiece, and 100MW of module capacity. Following the deal's closing, Jinko's total cell, wafer, and module production capacity will respectively stand at 2GW, 2GW and 2.1GW.
      Jinko will begin operating Topoint's assets on Jan. 13, but won't formally assume ownership until Topoint's restructuring is completed.
      The deal highlights the Chinese government's growing willingness to let struggling solar manufacturers go bankrupt, as well as its support for industry consolidation.

    • I think it may happen during the next earning's CC when they will provide updates.

    • wink wink ... I got your pump .... already dump this stock at 30.20 for small profit and now holding a small short position waiting to add more after 29 is broken.

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      • Loser is a loser. You are a weak hands p*$$y, your post history and hysteria clearly shows it. If you had any brains to do DD you would know that it is 4th or 5th time JKS does the up-down swing. Last time all weak hands got shaken out at $25 and stock went to $38. Now we are hovering at $29, on the way up we will touch $40-43.

        Your posts and lack of patience already tell me that you are a huge loser in the market and you will continue to lose money due to no discipline and small, make it non-existent testes.

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