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  • bobbobwhite bobbobwhite Aug 5, 2004 4:09 PM Flag

    Back in at $49.40

    Already lost a dime/sh in 5 minutes. Might be a dumb move on this freefall day but has to look good in a year. I bought in 60 cents/sh less than I sold 2 weeks ago, so I'm OK. Sell stop already set. Hope I'm not a fool for buying now.

    Dave, L2L, you guys in? I now have 3 stocks instead of 20 just 2 months ago, and hope that's not too many in this very scary market. Even my AAPL may be iffy due to Jobs' cancer, so nothing is even close to a sure thing these days.

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    • Still have my CVH. I have 9 stocks now. Had 17. In addition, I have QQQ's, DIA's and SPY's (up 15% or more) that I bought when the market tanked because of the Internet bubble and 9/11.

      I'm beginning to think more so than ever that healthcare is the place to be. If oil keeps going up, it'll put a crimp in the economy. People will be putting money in the gas tank and doing less eating out or buying stuff (discretionary spending). However, people still need healthcare.

    • On Tue and Wed of this week, I jumped back in the market. couldn't resist some ST buying at these bargain prices. But not with CVH yet. Think is still has some more to go before I do.

      I bought ARO, COH, CHS, PNRA and PHS. To my surprise, I'm up on 4 out of 5 with PNRA being down a tad. I guess even a blind squirrel finds an acorn every once in awhile :-)

      I have stop losses on everything I bought. Hope to see some positive action tomorrow if the jobs report is positive. We'll see.

      Good luck and I'm still keeping some powder dry for CVH, EXC and maybe AES.


49.99-0.2300(-0.46%)May 6 3:59 PMEDT