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  • jmnail jmnail Oct 24, 2005 8:44 PM Flag

    fascinating numbers

    only the knucklehead republican voters still think George II gives a sh^^ about their interests...

    listening to sean Hannity....the new republican playbook is Peter Fitzgerald is a sc77bag...a worthless pile of cr%%...hey this isn't me talking this, is what is now coming out of Republican talking points...

    remember in the Soviet Union when u went against the Regime..They called u insane...amazing how Republicans and Soviets have such similar tactics....

    "Do you think George W. Bush has the same priorities for the country as you have, or not?"


    Same Not the
    Same Unsure
    % % %
    ALL adults 32 65 3
    Republicans 69 27 4
    Democrats 11 87 2
    Independents 25 71 4

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    • .

      it's a good time to be on the sidelines.


    • "are we there (bottom) yet?"

      not yet imo...john

    • I think all of the bad news has been priced in because bad news is all we've been hearing about for the past month. Still, the dow is over 10k and the nas over 2k. I think this is bullish and will boost the markets the next couple of months.

    • OK, jmnail, you've gone over the top with this one. I think I'll leave for a while, so I don't say anything I may regret later.

      You may or may not have noticed that about 90% of the others who used to post around here also left the building over the past year as you've ranted your politics on this board. Good-bye and good luck.

      • 2 Replies to flypic
      • I have mostly told u why I post politics and generally kept going on doing my own thing....

        but now I'll do my little rant on this whole "YOU CHASED EVERYONE OFF THE BOARD STUFF" I have heard for months now...

        all i have done for the last few years is simply record and describe what I saw happening with this administration....and ultimately the american people have, albeit slowly, come to the same conclustions i have...

        how many people support the war today?
        how many people support the pres?
        how many people think cheney, delay, frist and libby are guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors?

        in fact the polls numbers accurately reflect this board, as i see all but u, are left to be outraged at someone criticizing this administration....notice 2/3 of the country agrees with me...and only republicans still have hope that we are not experiencing the worst presidency this country has endured in my lifetime and maybe ever...

        yes I may have chased off people because they can't handle the matter how ugly or disgusting it is..especially when u send men and woman to die for a lie and a grudge and then wrap it up as patriotism...

        but u know I listen to sean and rush and fox news and I feel u have to take other opinions and listen to them...when i tell a leftie friend i was listening to rush they relexively recoil and go gross...and i think they are just as wimpy as people that only want to listen to be able to read and absorb opinions u disagree with takes a little effort....but apparently that kinda of strength is lacking in people that can't take any opinion that does not conform with them.......if someone here said mean things about someone I respected I would probably laugh.....and then maybe debate them, but I would not say I will never listen to them again....that's such a cop out...

        notice how rarely, if ever, any one has come out and debated me head on by defensing the President with facts...nada...nothing....all they do is leave...well i challenge anyone to debate and defend this administration on any issue....:)

        I;'ll debate facts like how come economic growth has averaged 2,5 percent under bush and 3.5 percent under clinton when reps cut taxes and clinton raised them....

        tax cuts have not done anything but made us more in debt....

        why do millionaire seniors need a prescription drug benefit?

        why have pork projects gone up exponentially since republicans took control in 1994?

        why did New Orleans flood?

        in stead of debating facts, usually all they do is simply attack me....which of course is what republicans fact the white house already has a team in place to refute any charges on this Fitzgerald thing....can any republican stand up like Joe Lieberman did with Bill Clinton...and call a spade a spade.....


      • jmnnail

        You forgot about the other party called the democrats. There's no difference between the two parties they both work for big business. Now, if you mention that an independant party is what this country needs with somebody whose honest to lead it, then I agree with you. But everybody knows that most of today's politicians are dishonest and unehtical. So what your spewing is nothing new. The day they get rid of special interest groups is when a third party is in the White House.


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