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    Aeroflot ($24.63)
    MC $78 mn
    97 2.86
    P/S 97 0.06

    reported that it carried 4 mn passengers in the first
    eleven months of 1998, or 2% more passengers than in all
    The increase in passenger traffic was
    a result of:
    a significant rise in the number
    of flights in 11mo98 versus 11mo97, both
    internationally and domestically
    the company's fixing
    domestic tickets in roubles (prices were previously linked
    to the dollar) and providing discounts for

    international destinations (a discount of 30% for business
    class in one promotion)
    Aeroflot's large gains in
    market share at the expense of beleaguered domestic
    The higher passenger traffic will not boost
    financial results in the near term, as Aeroflot's load
    factor has declined due to the
    opening of new routes
    and an increased frequency of flights. Aeroflot's new
    expansion strategy had been imperfectly timed
    given the
    crisis in Russia, and any positive contribution from the
    new routes will take some time to emerge.
    believe that the total number of passengers carried by
    Aeroflot for the whole of 1998 will be lower than our
    expectations of
    4.45 mn. Aeroflot has, however,
    outperformed a sector that has seen a decline in total air
    traffic of 15% y-o-y.

    The performance of
    Aeroflot should also be seen in the context of the
    continued troubles at Transaero. The launch of

    Transaero's route to London, despite fares of $290 return,
    has led to very low load factors, as few as 80
    passengers in some
    cases. This disappointing performance
    comes on the back of a number of cancelled routes to
    Europe, poor yields on the route
    to Los Angeles,
    returned aircraft and poorly performing domestic routes.

    From UFG

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    • The previous draft budget allocated 2.6 percent
      of GDP to the
      Defense Ministry, while Defense
      Minister Igor Sergeyev said the
      army could not function
      on less than 3.5 percent of GDP.
      Sergeyev said
      the government agreed Wednesday to finance
      armed forces at 3.1 percent of GDP.
      The tax
      package was approved after heated disputes
      Boos and Finance Minister Mikhail Zadornov and despite
      warnings from the IMF, which is still considering whether
      resume lending to the government.
      Boos said
      Wednesday that the fund's managing director
      Camdessus may be rethinking his opposition to the
      following his visit to Moscow last week.
      and I] met for about one hour, and he is
      unshakable in his belief that taxes must not be lowered,"
      said. "On the contrary, he believes it is necessary. He
      said he
      would be revising his position."
      experts said the planned sales taxes will not compensate
      for the VAT reductions.
      "A lot of goods produced
      in Russia are then sold in the shadow
      which cannot be taxed at all," said Yelena Panova of
      Russian-European Center for Economic Policy.
      The Finance
      Ministry, meanwhile, insists next year's inflation will be
      30 percent, the average exchange rate to the dollar
      will not exceed 21.5 rubles, while the Central Bank
      will have to print a total of 32.6 billion rubles
      ($1.6 billion), up from the previous estimates of 31.8
      billion rubles. Analysts have said the forecasts are
      overly optimistic.
      "Other countries that have had
      financial crises have suffered much larger slumps of GDP,
      and I don't see how Russia could manage to keep the
      decline at 3 percent next year," said Rudiger Ahrend of
      the RECEP.
      The latest version of the 1999 draft
      federal budget has revenues of 473.8 billion rubles,
      expenditures of 571.1 billion rubles, and a deficit of 101.3
      billion rubles, or 2.5 percent of gross domestic product,
      said Siluanov of the Finance Ministry.
      ministry's previous draft had revenues of 482.91 billion
      rubles, expenditure of 587.39 billion rubles and a
      deficit of 104.47 billion, or 2.75 percent of GDP. GDP
      itself will total 4 trillion rubles, having shrunk by 3
      percent on the year-to-year basis by the end of 1999.

    • Hi Kathi17,

      How do you buy Aeroflot? What is the symbol?

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