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  • tambourine_man_43326 tambourine_man_43326 Feb 27, 2008 9:36 PM Flag

    P to P and youtube

    noticed that there does seem to be new kids signing up if you look at the comments.

    Also I liked how a user tried to say that People to People is a scam and was promptly bit**smacked by all of the kids that have had a great experience with P to P.

    There really are a lot of videos about this program on youtube and nearly all of the comments are good.


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    • So Tam,

      I recommend a strong sell. I have filed a comprehensive complaint with the FTC that calls for a class action and is currently in review. You can read it at

      I am Sheryl Hill, mother of Tyler Hill, who died on a PTP Japan tour from ignorance and neglect because he was refused healthcare when he requested it. See

      There are more than two of us unhappy with PTP. I have heard from many and see many more on et al. Ty is not the only kid to die, others have been abused.

      Regarding Ueberroth's reputation, PTP Sports Ambassadors were in a class action for overpromising an international athletic tour.

      Regarding PTP and Dwight Eisenhower. Pres. Eisenhower founded an initiative...never a program. It was a call into action of the American Public and the public responded as 'sponsors' of hundreds of People to People programs. Pres. Eisenhower never founded an organization, ever. His name is no where on any articles of incorporation. Nor did he ever govern the company. He was temporary chair of a board of trustee advisors. Joyce Hall went to Eisenhower and founded People to People International in the early 1960's. Mary Eisenhower, CEO, of PTPI sold the rights to the people to people name to Ambassadors Group, EPAX, for an undisclosed amount of money. AGI is dba People to People et al. They link from a non-profit www ( without identifying themselves as a 'different for-profit company' with a .org URL ( it's very deceptive.

      Ambassadors Group says that People to People was part of the U S DEPT of STATE, that's inaccurate. Citizens sponsored programs they were never part of the US DEPT OF STATE> In fact, Ambassadors Group EPAX is not even a sponsor of the U S DEPT OF STATE today. PTPI is.

      This organization markets peace to children for profit under the guise of Eisenhower's legacy. Many of the children come from low income homes and sell candy bars to make money for this 'honor' which it is not. It is overpriced and under performed.

      Eisenhower said in his bio by Stephen Ambrose, "I will not allow my name to be used for the profit of an organization" - paraphrased. Yet, Mary Eisenhower did exactly that when she sold the rights to the People to People name to AGI.

      I can only assume by the passion and depth of your responses that you are an employee of PTP.

      With our wrongful death lawsuit, the FTC complaint, and initiative for safety standards to protect children who travel with third parties, I recommend a strong sell.

      AGI is going to have to clean up their tACTics. That's a tough initiative for a culture that believes their own deceptions.


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      • Yes,
        We did give TY international cell phones, they failed. Yes, he could have called the front desk if he was cognitively capable, and had an English speaking operator. No he could not call us, I understand the kids were not allowed to place international calls from their rooms. They had to use calling cards that worked some of the time. The chaperone that phoned us once for a reprimand call because Ty was holding hands tried 4 times to get through. Tyler was exemplary in his diabetes management. But he never became severely ill because he always knew when he needed help and asked for it. He asked in Japan and was denied. All four leaders were in Ty's room and yes his girlfriend was also there and asked to stay with him and take care of him but she was reprimanded to get on the bus. There were no opportunities to phone until she returned and by then it was too late. If you are so familiar with diabetes then you should be aware that severely high blood sugars cause confusion so severe that the person cannot make conversations yet alone care for themselves. Ty is not the only kid to die or be injured. The company is not part of PTPI PTPI claims no affiliation with AGI other than the right to use the name. Yes I love Ty. Yes he is a remarkable role model, leader with exemplary management of his health care condition, MVP and honor roll student who was a victim of AGI's incompetence. I do not want to be engaged in a lawsuit, I do want to protect other children from the egregious, amoral,and illegal marketing and program tactics of the company. The T HILL BILL will develop an oversight committee that will govern the way companies like AGI operate. That will take years. The FTC complaint and impending class action will not.

        As I mentioned prior, Consumer Affairs does not govern the ads on their site, those are placed by the search engine. I am not in bed with Consumer Affairs. I am the mother of the dead child, killed by ignorance and neglect of AGI.

        I appreciate Consumer Affairs willingness to bulldog issues for the consumer. Ripoff report has multiple complaints. I appreciate that you took the time to check.

        I will do everything I can to seek justice, restitution and reform to protect other children and advocate for my child and others.

      • is not even a website.

      • I do not think that some of the things in your T hill bill are all that bad and I do not think they would materially effect Ambassador's. Please do not refer me to Consumeraffairs ever again. Talk about miss-leading. I do not think that a website that accepts advertising dollars and makes a profit should be able to bill itself as a consumer advocate site. I mean for god sakes here are some of the links that I found in articles about your son.

        These are imbeded links in the article.


        words such as tylenol, breathing, and diabetes had inks to this site:
        even though the pop up for the link offered health advice

        The icing on the cake is that they do not even have the decenty to put a link to your website anywhere.

        In other articles about Ambassador's I have seen links on the word travel for other travel companies that were only slightly cheaper than PtoP and did not offer college or high school credits. The point I am trying to make is, make sure you are careful who you get in bed with, it may ruin your credibility.

        Also when I said I have found two customers that were not happy I was including consumer affairs. Nearly every consumer affairs article is about prospective customers that do not like the marketing. Not travelers that had a poor time. Honestly you will never change my mind about my investment in this company.

        Oh yeah and has nothing about Jeff Thomas or your son.


      • I am defiantly not an employee. I like you do not hide who I am. My name is Mike and I live in columbus oh and work at TGI Fridays. I am 27 years old and am married and have a three year old. You can check my posts. I am passionate about the stocks that I own and follow. LABL, MFW, EPAX among a few others.

        It is sad what happened to your son. I sympathize with you on your loss. This was an unfortunate event for all parties involved. Let me ask you. How could your son be denied medical attention? If he was left alone he could have called the front desk and asked for an ambulance. He could have called you. He could have called "his medical team". He did none of these things. I have seen my brother pretty sick and he has always been able to use a phone or let someone know he is sick. His girlfriend was there right? She did not see fit to take more forceful action. I know that if I thought I was really sick, I would not care if a hundred people told me I was ok, I would want to see a doctor. You as a parent did not discuss with him "emergency situations"? I know that my mom would have gave me about 50 numbers that I could call if I had any problems and talk to me for about 8 hours about what to do if everything from an earthquake to bubonic plague happened.
        I know nothing of your son, but my brother has diabetes and when he was your son's age he was a little embarrassed of his affliction. He did a good job of managing his disease until something went wrong and then he had a hard time letting people know how bad he felt or that he needed help. At a camp we went to he got sick and eventually had to go to the hospital, but it was not his idea. He had to be forced because he did not want to miss all the fun.
        I love my stories. Here is another one. My best friend of 15 years died a couple of years ago. He was prescribed Ambien. He took an Ambien at 3am because he could not sleep. Well he woke up at 7am and decided to drive to his parents house around 8 because he could not get back to sleep. His car veered off through three lanes of traffic into a tree, the brakes were not pressed. Do I think Ambien is dangerous, probably. They do put a warning label on the bottle though. Still I am not making a big stink of it because honestly I don't see what is to be gained by me personally or his family? It will just be a long drawn out process that will only be a constant reminder of our loss. I don't want to remember him because of a legal battle, I want to remember him when I do those day to day activities that he made better, and I can think about how much I miss him and how all the sadness I feel cannot change the fact that it was better to know him for 15 years than never at all.


    • I was really not trying to attack you personally. I just saw that you had posted on that board many times. I don't care about that project. As I said I do not really feel that way. Just expressing a point. This is how I understand the story of People to People when founded by Dwight Eisenhower (while president) was a government entity. Upon leaving office Ike decided that preservation of PtoP's goals would be better preserved if it were a private organization that was sheltered from government spending vagrancy's. There is information about this on People to People's website.

      Also I am not so sure that the company markets to "children" as say it. Children do not have 4500-6000 to spend so it is the parents that have to make the decision. Any time you are paying for a good or service especially that much money you are a consumer and should base your decision accordingly. Ambassador's does not use the word nominated anymore unless you are actually nominated so your argument for the wording seems weak.

      You don't want to do business with this company that is fine. I do not think that the company's marketing is perfect. I don't think management does either. EPAX is constantly trying to improve marketing and the public image of EPAX and PtoP.

      I personally look at the good aspects of investing in this company. The capital structure is very good. Uberroth family (one of the largest shareholders) is well respected and does have considerable international political and athletic ties. Most importantly and I think that you are missing this aspect of this company. This company provides high quality educational trips that hundreds of thousands of young people have immensely enjoyed. Anytime I can make an investment that I perceive to be as potentially profitable as EPAX and have the ancillary benefit of providing young adults a wonderful experience, I am going to jump on it.

      I have researched this considerably and now counting the Hill family I have found two people that have been displeased with the services they were provided.

      This is kind of unproductive since we are pretty much stating the same points over and over again.


    • If you don't think that People to People is a scam, then explain to me how they send kids letters saying that they have been "nominated" by a teacher or coach because of exhibiting excellent leadership skills. When in fact the bulk of these "nominations" are false.
      People to People acquires mailing lists of children and sends out bulk mailings stating that each child has been "specifically" nominated.
      People to People on several occasions have sent these letters to parents whose children have been dead for a decade One case the child died of crib death). Again....saying that they have just been nominated.
      Or the fact that they've sent a letter to a family stating that their son "Earl" was nominated and is invited to take part of this "once in a lifetime" opportunity.
      Earl was the family's CAT!!!
      I will agree that the children say that they had a good time on these trips. However, People to People is scamming these children and parents out of their money by making it sound like this is a unique and special program. Giving a false ideal of why the child REALLY was invited.
      No, they don't take your money and run. Leaving you wondering what just happened. BUT, they lie to you about the reason that your child was "nominated" (mass mailed) in order for you to fork over money so that they can make money.
      that, in my opinion, is the scam.
      Thanks for your time.

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      • Sir I have been to consumer affairs as well; I have read the horror stories. Your argument is false though. Ambassador's no longer uses the term nominated with their direct mailings unless the student is actually nominated by a teacher or former traveler (this can be up 10,000 of the travelers in a given year). They used to use that terminology. They make kids and parents think they are receiving something unique because they are. People to People has longstanding relationships with foreign governments and the US government that other travel companies cannot match, not to mention the ability to get college credit from the University of Eastern Washington while on trips.

        By your definition most forms of marketing are scams. Is it a scam when I get letters from Fisher Investments every month telling me the amazing oportunity that I am eligible for along with a FAKE signiture by Ken Fisher (which I am actually not eligible for because I do not have 100K to invest). How about when cereal companies put toys in sugary cereals so kids will nag their moms for that brand. Even Forbes Magazine sends me mailings that would make a person think that the reason they are not wealthy is because they do not get Forbes. When I was in high school I played soccer and tennis, every spring I got mail from soccer and tennis camps that all offered "rare opportunities" and "unique skill trainings" some even said I was recommended by a coach. I did not believe these aspects but I did attend a few camps for both tennis and soccer and they were not scams.

        In the words of Obi Won "Many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our point of view."

        You are entitled to your own opinion, and I respect that. At the same time you are not obligated to personally invest in this company or utilize its services. What do you have to gain by anonymously and randomly posting on a finance message board that it is a scam?


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