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  • nikustockanalyzer nikustockanalyzer Jan 5, 2002 3:50 PM Flag

    Profit taking

    Niku is a great company with a great product. However, by now it has advanced too much, too soon in its share price. MMs will start next week dumping the stock to take some profits and in order to buy it cheaper at the end of January before the next earnings announcement.

    I would expect seeing Niku closing below $2 early next week and going back to $1.70 - $1.80 level by the end of the week.

    Good luck

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    • In your dreams, you better belly up to the bar and pay the man or your going to go away DRY! I got mine and I'm thinking about grabbing somemore before it's twice the price, which I think will be when my quarterly tax payment is due this month. LOL to you, did you see the competition, they got nothing on NIKU and their valued at $20 on average. Back to $1.80 is a major stretch. I doubt there will be many backs at all except for a few nickels now and again. Good luck to All and to All a Good nite!

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      • Hello, I believe Niku is a great company with a great product, and I am holding Niku for the long term.

        I am just trying to make a prediction based on how Niku is behaving in the last 2 months. Basically, there is a pull back for any major advancement. It is reasonable, MMs want to make sure they get their 100% profit in which they work in the last few days.

        As somebody said, time will tell. Again, I am just trying to do a moderate opinion based on technical charts and how Niku is behaving. I agree that Niku will probably hit $3 by the next earnings announcements. However, before that,we will probably see a pull back.

        Good luck

    • Nice try shorty! Think you missed the boat, and now want the world to think we're heading for some profit taking. THINK AGAIN! Look for a steady rise in the share price, right into the earnings release. I'm guessing we hit somewhere around $5.00-$6.00 by then. THEN MAYBE, we'll see some profit taking, depending on how the numbers look. If they surprise, which in my opinion they will, we will see $10.00 before you know it. Recent volume proves to me that the "cat" may have gotten out of the bag on earnings, and smart $$$$$ has been gobbling up shares. This will continue!

    • I think that it will move down a little bit, but not below $2. It will hit $3 before it moves below $2, in my opinion. Good action for next week, I think we will hit $3 by the end of the week.

    • Hope your right nikustock analyzer about a price drop. I would love to see stock drop back under $2.00 so I can buy some more. That said, assume history will show you wrong, but who knows?

      Just my opinion.