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  • planet0723 planet0723 Aug 14, 2001 8:19 PM Flag

    More good news guys

    Check it out

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    • I thought you were being a wise-guy planet0723 with your post, then looked and there was more news. Wow, HP, DT and E&Y all signed on for LP Niku 6, sounds like good news to me. Looks like these guys are pedaling as fast as they can.

      FWIW, unrelated to the above news, I was looking at the lock-up shares today. According to original proxy, we had 2.3 million shares unlock as of 6/8/01 and another 1.2 million shares sometime "thereafter" (I'm not really sure when thereafter is?). Thus explains all the 144 filing you see when look at insider trades recently. The 2.3 million shares were tied to the company's purchase of proamics and I'm not sure what the other 1.2 was for (not that it really matters now).

      That said, just speculation on share price, with the steady stream of shares flooding all year long, it certainly can't be helping share prices. In the end, share price is supply and demand. My point is, while things haven't gone all that rosily for the company, having an imbalance of shares constantly flooding the market with new shares can't be helping share price. It would appear we now have come close to the end and shouldn't be seeing many more shares unlocked.

      Just my opinion.