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  • princetonanalyst princetonanalyst Mar 1, 2012 2:52 PM Flag

    Black Swan Event

    We are so due. And there are so many choices as to what it will be. Middle East is my guess right now. We'll see within 1-2 weeks in my opinion.

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    • Nope, the banks have all that Syrian and Iranian cash and gold they have looted, to recapitalize the Euroland banks. Just like last year they used the Lybian cash and gold to recapitalize last years bank capital. Buffett and Paulson bought out the JPM "Whale"metals short, now a nonevent. 8 of the 15 largest Federal Reserve Banks are offshore. Bernake just buys currency which is denominated in bonds and notes, in what ever currency is weak, as evidenced by the Jackson Hole Euro buy, by the Federal Reserve Bank of NY today 8/31/12. See that sell swiss france buy euro by the Fed, today?
      No one cares that Banco Santander is issuing shares to recapitalize, or JPM issuing preferred to recapitalize with. So where is the crisis? See the plunge protection team buy bank stocks today 8/31?See the Federal Reserve and Plunge Proctection Team holding the BAC price up? BAC Doesn't have capital or it wouldn't be selling Merrill to UBS. No one cares. Obamacare has already started cutting payments to Providers, no one cares, that hurts all healthcare stocks.. AAPL has trailing PE of 12 or 15, not expensive at all for tech.
      Then,For example,The Federal Reserve is buying bonds from the Treasury as it's SOLE dealer. Buying for 100 and selling them for 140's+ for the 30 year, a 40% mark up. Look at the huge Federal Reserve mark up on the full spectrum of US Bonds, that they are selling into the bond bubbble. There is no liquidity problem with the Federal Reserve, as long as they keep getting that mark up on US Bonds. You do get that the Federal REserve buys at 100 and sells at whatever the market will bear(20% to 60%) mark up the Federal Reserve is making as the sole US Government Bond Dealer?
      Unless Banco Santander or BAC is going out. No Black Swan.
      See all that alphabet preferred that Citi issued in the 1980's, they just kept buying time for years.
      Ben is sitting there with his finger on the cash button, just like in 1987.
      No one has told him to crash the market, by pulling liquidity, Remember Ben is #3 from the top at the Federal Reserve corporate structure. He is committe chair, not the head.

      LEH/kuhenloeb, was Credit Mobilier, they had been after that since 1860's.

      Name the bank they going to attack, to take over? To cause a black swan?

      Sentiment: Hold

    • I like to eat Black Swans. Preferably roasted with potatoes.

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