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  • jasiop jasiop Aug 23, 2010 8:12 PM Flag

    Something is up ...

    Honestly in my 15 years of investing I have never seen such illiquid market in some of my stocks.No volume,total lack of interest in stocktalk.
    I'm pretty close to conclusion that DOW is on the mission to test 10 000 level for last and final time.World economies are recovering and all we need is more active consumer participation.

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    • Many Years ago..Illegal Trade tariffs began to bring the American economy to their knees..

      Steel industry,The Automobile Industry and the Final Straw was the World Trade Center Airplane crashes..

      It was OK to invade Afghanistan, but not IRAQ. A Freaking Paranoid Nut was in charge when that happened..

      IRAQ was too stupid to fight another country..they were too busy knocking off each other...Then.... Al Quaida steps in..Boom!

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