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  • calmcom calmcom Nov 27, 2000 10:32 AM Flag

    Re: OT - sell_cell Gore/Bush part2

    Guru, relying on government law and regulation IS is the text book defenition. Does that mean we
    should have no government? No, rather it means that the
    federal government should be strictly bound by the
    constitution and all other powers are granted to the states.
    When the states have power, there is competition
    amongst them. When the federal gov't has power, there is
    no competition and essentially has a
    What do the words "Congress shall make no law" mean to

    As for wage differences, if you are for all being
    equal then you are indeed a socialist, or worse a
    communist. Would you rather be poor in the US or in India or

    The problem isn't with the people in power in
    government, the problem is that the people in government have

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    • BTW,
      Yesterday I heard Allen Dershowitz say
      the he does not believe in natural law. Natural law,
      in summary, says that certain human rights are
      independent of government. Man creates government to protect
      rights, not to grant rights.

      Are you a believer
      that rights exist because government grants them? If
      so, then you too are a socialist.