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  • steve222261 steve222261 Aug 24, 2002 10:33 AM Flag

    Thank You to All The Shorts

    Being relatively new to the market(a few years) when I found out that shares could be sold that were never even owned. After seeing the effect of short selling I've concluded that the market is really alot like the horse races. Just a big sport. At least in the horse races you know when you read the past performance history of a horse, it is factual and not padded or altered and the odds are real. People can't sell win tickets on horses that they don't own to dramatically change the odds. Shorting makes the market nothing more than a game and a crooked on at that. It has caused a hell of alot of good people to lose their life saving meanwhile big money smiles away. Shorting needs to be banned permanently. It is Unamerican in the fact that it hoping companys fail and people lose their savings. It is wrong. But wall street makes too much money allowing it so good luck getting it changed.

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    • Steve, you speak the truth my friend.

    • i know cnbc has a policy with Jim Cramer for instance. DOES ANYONE REALLY THINK THAT JIMMY BOY HASN'T BROKEN THE AGREEMENT WITH CNBC WHEN IT COMES TO TRADING??? ah jim, using your wife to place the trades doesn't make it all right. i watch him say outragious on his show yet Martha Stewart is a piker compared to Jimmy. read the book"trading with the enemy".-bucko

    • how about changing the rules that all short trades cannot be covered for 30 days minimum? i might even be persuaded to make that 15 trading days.-bucko

    • all financial news announcers/media personnel should also not be allowed to discuss stocks that they own if the trade for this stock was done within the last 30 days. all their investment money should be in a blind trust or they should not be allowed to either sell or buy a stock directly or indirectly within 30 days before they are on tv/radio/write article/etc. for instance, cnbc has a so called guru on and she/he makes some outragious commments either pro or con about a particular stock and then at the end cnbc asks if they are a owner of the stock or have a banking relation with this stock. they say no and everything is ok. well, 1 minute after they are off the air a trade goes thru for either a buy or sell/short for this stock and nobody is the wiser. this stuff makes wall street a cesspool.-bucko

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