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  • acerbicabrasivejudgmental acerbicabrasivejudgmental Oct 13, 2012 11:51 AM Flag

    Justification V to Vote for Mittens

    If youse believe that the Earth is only 6,000 years old and that The Theory of Evolution is left-wing commie propaganda, youse should vote for Mittens.

    If youse share the puritanical concept that forbids the use of reason in any reading of fundamental principle doctrine including the US Constitution, youse should vote for Mittens.

    If youse has experienced mysterious, wonderful visions that accompany your superstitious tenets including visits from angels, youse should vote for Mittens.

    If youse believe that the Untied States is a Christian nation and that citizenship is reserved for only Christians and your simple objective is that only Christianity should be practiced and preached in America producing a Christian legal system, Christian politics, Christian economy, and Christian foreign relations because the only way to the Father is through the Son, then youse should vote for Mittens.

    If youse believe that the US Constitution now hangs by a thread and the White Horse Prophesy is about to be played out with each of us individually repenting and conforming to the laws of the God of this land who is Jesus of Nazareth, youse should vote for Mittens, especially if youse views Mittens riding at the head of the Mormon people who will save this once-great nation.

    If youse generally subscribe to the concepts that Faith is more important than Reason, that Science is only Theory, that Conformity is preferrable to Dissent, that Know-Nothingness and tea potty loyalty beat Thinking, that Social Darwinism should be the American Social Compact, and that right wingnuts are Truth-Tellers, youse should vote for Mittens. All IMHO.

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