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  • acerbicabrasivejudgmental acerbicabrasivejudgmental Dec 25, 2012 1:15 AM Flag

    A Million People Went South into Mexico this last week.

    Can youse believe those numbers? In one week!

    Now I have no idea how many of those folks were Mexicans going to visit family for the holidays and how many were Americans/Canadians headed for Cancun and other Mexican resorts to spend their holidays in the warm sun on the beach. Nevertheless, that is some traffic for a short timeframe.

    The future question is: How many people will be getting into the United States from Mexico after The First of the Year? It is one thing if one million went down and one million come back; it is another if one million went down and only half-a-million come back. And it is entirely a horse of a different color if some one million went into Mexico and three million try to enter the USA after the 1st of January 2013.

    Remember, comrades, the estimate of undocumented people residing in the USA from Mexico (including family born in the USA) approaches 25,000,000. The Hispanics aren't just coming, they are already here. Many have been here for 500 years; some will arrive for the first time in January of 2013. Demographers predict that by 2030, the Caucasian population of the USA will be a large minority group as the brown-skinned folks, the blacks, the Asians, and other people of color will outnumber the Anglo residents. The populace, it is a'changin' and the melanin is beginning to show.

    Youse might get an idea of what our population will look like if youse travel to Hawai'i where Jamba is visiting; hybridization is well in-place there. Almost everybody is brown, either from the sun or from genetic traits. Anglos, blacks, Polynesians, Hispanics, Asians, and just about anybody from everywhere has found Paradise, learned to adjust, and is tolerant of everybody else because of all of the race-mixing that has been going on for two and one-half centuries. While it is very evident on O'ahu, it is present almost everywhere except on Niihau. Get used to it. All IMHO.

    Mr. Congeniality

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