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  • jamba526 jamba526 Feb 1, 2013 4:39 PM Flag

    Dow Closes Above 14,000

    YES! YES! YES! Thank you Obama for your strong leadership and sound economic and fiscal policies.

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    • Or is it really: "Damn you, Benny Boom-Boom BUST Bernanke for keeping the interest rate picture so low that you drive savers and debt-instrument dividend harvesters into the risky areas of equities in order to achieve something in the way of yield that beats 0.02%?"

      Creating an equity bubble based upon dividend-yielding stocks is not the formula for growing the economy. All IMHO.

      ACE: There are no jokers in my deck.

      Sentiment: Buy

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      • Buy Banks..Idiot

      • November jobs added has been revised up from 147,000 to 247,000. December jobs added has been revised up from 150,000 to 196,000. Not too shabby. In all likelihood, January jobs increase of 157,000 will be revised to over 200,000 as more date becomes available. The January report included private sector job creation of well over 200,000, which was offset in part by decline in govt. jobs. Note also that consumer confidence and manufacturing (ISM report) both posted solid positive gains in data released yesterday, not to mention the recent data reflecting significant recovery in housing market.

        We are well on the path to solid recovery thanks in large part to Obama's policies to stimulate growth, which is in sharp contrast GOP's austerity proposals which will stymie growth. Keynsian ecomomics works, the Fed Govt is lender and spender of last resort during economic crises, this is especailly relevant when the downturn in economy is caused by financial crises. Bank lending is lifeblood of our economy, and only the Fed Govt can fill the gap during a credit crunch until banks can rebuild impaired capital and start lending again.

        Of course, this is not rocket science. Strongly suggest you stop watching Fox News as your source of info.

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