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  • acerbicabrasivejudgmental acerbicabrasivejudgmental Apr 28, 2013 1:19 PM Flag

    Diversion in the Interests of Being Politically-Correct

    It is mystifying to be listening to the talking heads on the tube and reading the blathering of idiots in the news media about how those two nice bomber brother boys from Boston were REALLY acting out their passion for an independent Chechen state, that they were freedom fighters. Nuts!

    Yes, the Russians are threatened by separatist movements in the North Caucasus; yes, the Ruskies warned us about Subject #1 traveling into troubled lands of Dagastan and Chechnya before returning to the USA. I have no clue why the Rooshens warned us, but they did.

    And while I do not know precisely WHY those bad boys went off the deep edge, I believe it had more to do with their zest as Islamist jihadist terrorists rather than as Chechen patriots. That and their failures to thrive here as assimilated members of our diverse culture. IF those terrorists had any fervor, it was the development of a Chechen khalifate ideologically and geographically into Pakistan, Afghanistan, Persia, and Syria.

    What is most probably another Islamist jihadist terrorist attack is being apologized into being an expression of Chechen nationalism thereby down-playing the underlying causation. I KNEW early on that Georgie Porgie was going to invade Mesapotami for OIL, not to find and destroy weapons of mass destruction that were about to loosed upon the world or even for regime change. The Anointed One is avoiding doing anything meaningful in Syria because Libya already has shown what happens when the rebellions succeeds and and the Islamists displace dynastic tyrannies. The nice Chechen boys allow his flunkies to proclaim that the underlying problem is Russian in nature and has nothing to do with jihad. He is fooling us, again. All IMHO.

    ACE: There are no jokers in my deck.

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