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  • doncassel4 doncassel4 Aug 20, 2013 5:38 PM Flag

    Could we follow the U.S.S.R.?


    We previously warned of what can transpire when desperate governments are no longer able to shoulder unbearable debts. As one can see in the chart above, total public debt in the United States recently crossed the proverbial Rubicon and now equals 104.95 percent of GDP. Though some would argue that a healthy dose of debt is necessary to foster economic growth, the U.S.’s unsustainable public debt exceeds the same debt measures of crisis-stricken Cyprus and fragile Spain, where public debt as a percentage of GDP have been most recently estimated at 85.8 percent and 84.2 percent, respectively.

    As if this weren’t alarming enough, the Fed’s official figures — which were used to create the chart above — do not include the nation’s swelling, yet politically untouchable unfunded liabilities, namely Medicare and Social Security. When these figures are plugged in to the equation, the U.S.’s public debt level skyrockets to astronomical heights. Of course, it’s doubtful that this debt will be paid off; instead, Washington will likely attempt to flush the debt down the drain by printing more worthless currency.

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    • The chief benefit to Muslim terrorists from the 9/11 attacks it that it lured us into a quagmire war in Afganistan, just like the Soviets' ten-year war there in the 1980s, a war that bankrupted the USSR and made heroin addicts of many of their soldiers. We should have known that it would have the same effect on us. Zbigniew Brzezinski bragged in 1998 of his action "drawing the Russians into the Afghan trap and . . . . giving to the USSR its Vietnam war. " So we should have known it would do the same thing to us. But because we are racists, we did not want to imagine that a nation of bearded goatherds could defeat us, especially after a nation of cone-hatted farmers defeated us in Vietnam. Maybe the reason we keep sending the G.I.s back for more tours in Afghanistan is because they're heroin addicts and if we brought them stateside their condition would become obvious to their families.

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