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  • turtle2072 turtle2072 Nov 3, 1999 5:11 PM Flag

    shrewd... okay.. what about this..

    Alright, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt
    that you are here rooting for us. But giving us
    caution. But the truth is you sound too bearish all the
    time. Here is a question for you than:

    If TYC
    never had the accounting questions and problems. If it
    continued on its trend of 105 pre-split what would you have
    thought about the stock?? Was it overvalued? was the
    fundamentals not sound. Was the pooling of interest accounting
    not good.

    Given the facts that the
    accounting is a little vague you still can't discount the
    cash flow. The cash flow shows internal growth/profits
    of its core businesses and that should be reflected
    on the value/growth of the company.

    Sincerely T.

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    • thx, I will check out the comments posted.


    • howshrewdcanibe wrote:
      sorry, means in 25
      words or less, what do you think of EFII.


      It appears they have a corner on their market.
      Haven't been able to find a single negative about them.
      The major drop seemed to be without merit.

      How about 27? <s>

      Suggest you visit the
      newsgroup and read some of "roshpina's" posts, he appears
      to know about all there is to know about


    • sorry, means in 25 words or less, what do you think of EFII. Thanks.


    • The TYC rocket will be leaving the launchpad in
      just a few moments. Please make sure you are securely
      fastened into your seat. All children
      should keep their
      hands and feet inside the rocket at all

      Thank You for flying TYC today!! Enjoy your

      --- Cuddley

    • Not sure what you mean by "Can you give me your topline pls. Thx.", Shrewd?


    • Target. I bought at 35 3/4. Thank you very much!!!

    • While it's interesting to see TA analysis at
      times, in this particular case, especially over the past
      2 weeks, TA is absouloutly laughable. Their is no
      real deal, what we have is a clear example of
      attempted manipulation by short side sellers. This does not
      fit into any TA model. Buying and Selling TYC during
      this period was strictly, flying by the seat of your
      pants. It was totally "Hands On, No Guts No Glory". You
      had to do your own Due Dilligence, listen to the
      conference calls, take a position on who you believed and
      place your bet. In the end though, you are right, not
      because of TA. You just ended up on the honest side of
      the coin. Along with many of us who used this as an
      unusual buying oppurtunity. I will end in saying, Thank
      You Mr. Tice, Thank You NY Times, Thank You Wall
      Street Journal, and in particular "THANK YOU ALL YOU
      COVER, YOU'RE WORLD IS GONNA BLOW". But, real deal,
      technical analysis, during this soap opera, no way,
      stochastic / shmowchastic, this was a balls call, end of

    • LOL...thanks, I have thot of EFII from time to time, but never really taken the hard look. Can you give me your topline pls. Thx.


    • we'll see who's right. I stick by my fundamental & technical work...the stock has major clouds above on both fronts.


    • By: howshrewdcanibe wrote:
      I didn't miss
      anything. I like what I own but wish you


      You may find EFII interesting, if for no
      other reason than the fact that an intelligent exchange
      of ideas is actually encouraged and appreciated for
      the most part on their message board.


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