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  • Personally, I like the fact that this board is
    only active when there's something of importance to be
    discussed. I tire of the endless debate of the same points,
    over and over on the TGX board. How many seed makers
    can dance on the head of a pin? What color are CJ's
    underwear? How does physics guru breath with his head in
    there? etc. etc. etc.

    Hey Ivan, (and everyone
    else) here's a good lil' quote and chart link, has
    bollingers and much much more and is much faster than
    bigcharts...also has s&p futures, even after hours


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    • Can someone please answer these questions for me.
      I am debating whether NASI is a good investment
      opportunity but need to know some details:

      1. How is
      NASI proposing to manufacture large amounts of PD-103?
      Considering TGX purchases these expensive cyclotrons and
      someone deemed this the most efficient way to produce PD,
      how is NASI going to do it cheaper/faster/better/more

      2. I have seen that NASI is intending to use a LINAC
      to manufacture their PD. Why wouldn't any other
      competitor in the industry simply purchase a LINAC (cheaper
      than a cyclotron with less lead time) and do the

      3. Is NASI planning on getting PD from a third party

      4. What is the nuclear process that a LINAC performs
      to manufacture PD-103? If it is using PD-102, how is
      the short supply of this (alleged) going to affect
      production? Isn't that why TGX went to cyclotron and Rhodium

      5. What is the marketing gimmick which will allow
      NASI (Mentor) to sell both Iodine and Palladium seeds?
      Isn't NASI simply cannabalizing their own market

      6. I heard there was an oversupply of "seeds" in the
      market. I have also heard the rhetoric about advancing
      population and underserved market but recent earnings (TGX)
      have seemed to support the oversupply

      Any response to these questions will be helpful.

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      • Mike, I know I'm not the person to guarantee
        answers (I'm in nucmed sales, not physics) but I hope I
        can offer a start. I will begin off with stating that
        I'm rather bearish on NASI as a science company but
        bullish in long term results. I would be grateful if
        anyone else would respond with more scientific

        1. NASI intends to install the linac; I heard their
        new laboratory in Chatsworth is for the linac and
        expanded seeds production.

        2. There has been much
        discussion (online and here in my region) if the linac can
        provide the energy to produce Pd-103. In the end, NASI
        thinks they can. Obviously, other companies took the
        more expensive but scientifically easier

        3. NASI's linac is not yet running but they have
        announced plans to produce Pd-103 seeds this spring. Pd-103
        would be obtainable from Nordian in Canada, but this
        could only support a fledgling production line.
        Currently everything I have read indicates that NASI plans
        to make Pd-103.

        4. NASI keeps the exact
        process close to heart, but they could use Rh-103 with
        either protons or deuterons. I'm not sure which method
        is more efficient.

        5. I-125 and Pd-103 seeds
        do not serve the same purpose medically, i.e. both
        have their advantages. NASI and Mentor hope to be the
        "one-stop" shop for these products for more efficient
        service to the end user. Besides...

        6. The rumors
        of an oversupply of seeds was propagated by other
        companies to explain their poor performance in a new
        medical technology. Sure, the marketplace can use some
        education to expand the use of the product, but there is
        still room for a new supplier and price competition.
        Mentor balked in sales until they relearned their
        tactics and addressed the market with new focus. In the
        past quarter, Mentor sales soared. NASI is the kind of
        company that makes new products a commodity and then
        starts a price war.

      • Look for earlier posts by Therapy Dr., an
        apparently knowledgable industry insider who said that the
        NASI LINAC will produce Pd-103, likely by early
        summer. His posts can be found both on this board and on
        TGX's as well. I used to be skeptical about NASI's
        ability to make Pd-103, but I became convinced that they
        will succeed based on his info.

        As far as
        recent performance goes, it seems that everyone is just
        waiting for earnings in a couple of weeks. Any movement
        on this kind of volume is inconsequential. It does
        seem that there is some accumulation going on whenever
        the price drops below 7. Buying starts at about 6 3/4
        and stops at 7 1/4, then the price is allowed to
        drift back down on extremely light volumes. Perhaps
        this is the company supporting share price with the
        buyback, but I doubt it. More likely it's an institution
        gradually picking up shares.

    • Hey, by the way, are you still in ZOLT? TGX?

      Any comments on either?


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      • Ivan,

        I've been out of ZOLT since the mid
        30's (thankfully). It looks like they're dead in the
        water for a long time to come. ZOLT has become an
        acrylic fiber maker with a carbon fiber sideline, not
        exactly what Zsolt promised. Their business plan is
        screwed without the ability to make their own precursor.
        I was tipped off by a broker that things weren't
        going well so I bailed, one of the few good broker tips
        I've ever heard of. Overall, it looks like Bill
        Tarasen was right on the money!

        As for TGX, I sold
        at 20 3/4 on the last run up, another lucky move (I
        still lost on the deal though). Sounds like the wheels
        are coming off a little on their business plan as
        well. I hope they get it together soon because I think
        the image of the brachy industry will be tarnished if
        the most popular comapny in the group fumbles

        I have NASI at 10 1/4 and could kick myself for not
        having sold at 13 two days later. Oh well, I'll hang in
        at least through the earnings. It sounds like they
        will fair better than TGX did last quarter. I'm really
        holding out hope that they will announce the production
        of Pd-103 seeds, whether using home grown isotope or
        using an outside supplier. From what Therapy Dr. just
        posted, it appears that the supplies are much better than
        they were when TGX tried it a while back. Keeping my
        fingers crossed....