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  • rsemon rsemon Oct 15, 2001 1:09 PM Flag

    Re: STOP the U.S. BLIND support for ISRA

    Thank you for sharing with us the error of our ways. You forgot a few things, didn't you? Like whenever and whereever in this world there has been need, the US has responded. Where would Afganistan be now if it were not for US support during its war with the USSR, or Kuwait, or Saudi Aribia, where would most of Europe be? Maybe we support the Jews because they are surrounded by crazy people like you who want them dead. In my 30 years in the military, I had the occassion to see first hand the evil that can be done in the Holy name of God. But God is not evil, and the Anti Christ is always among us. Stop preaching your bullshit, we may not be as enlightened as you, but you will learn we are not people you can kill so easily. Keep you head down and your powder dry, because we will not rest until you stop or you are dead. By the way take you filthy oil and stick it up you ass.

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    • let your flag wave.
      it's neat and free

      DeskFlag places an animated United States flag on your screen. The flag
      waves in the lower-right corner as you use your computer.

    • How absurd, how unjust! Anything to cloud the real root of the terrorism we have suffered...Communism, our way of life, jealousy, religious hatred...all bull shit, and all lies and excuses to hide the real problem, the real cause of the terrorism we are now chasing....that is the Palestinian issue. The Israelis have the Palestinians in concentration cmps, and are systematically eliminating them as fast as they canwhile they continue their non-stop land grab for "the settlers"....How convenient, how unjust. I hope Bush recognizes what Tony Blair has now publicly announced "A Palestinian homeland is necessary!" This the Israelis have sworn never to any price. They are unwilling to negotiate in good faith, yet that's all it will take to remove this terrible reason arabs are willing to die for.....I hope Bush sees it as Tony does, before the Mossad assasinates one or both of them.

    • Stop the stupidity on this subject. While Russians and Germans are laughing their heads off, and puppet Bush is catering to them with disgusting smirks, all here are only too happy to play into their hands and parrot useless mindlessness. Fact is that the same communist terrorists are at work doing the same things they have always been doing. To their great delight, they have precipitated yet another war and are busy pushing their agendas. Having been successful in stirring up the Arabs against the Jews, stirring up other nations against U.S., they are hell bent on systematically destroying the economy of the U.S. and pushing us into U.N. deals and worlder muck that is destroying not only the U.S., but Israel and Arab countries alike. When will good people wake up and see through this conspiracy?? Instead of denying it until it destroys them? Of course if sin prevails, it is not surpising that the present program must continue. Don't get hurt by this program. Minimize your losses and resolve to eliminate sin in your lives before it is too late.

    • There is no difference what you saying and Osama or Yassir saying.The same old story about poor palestinians and evil Israel.And totally opposite what the president Bush saying.
      Are you with America or against?
      You are not intelligent you are a real stupid.Also I believe that you are the best friend of the whole arab world because you belong to them.Stay where you are and dont put you dirty views to Americans.If you by mistake live in the USA you better think how to get back home.FBI already watching you.
      The hijackers the same people who you love so badly killed 6000 innocent Americans.And you
      dare to send this arab bullshit to the board.

    • Hey Shorting Amazon...It's comforting to see some people are not brain washed by the Jewish controlled media...Your views are shared by a lot of intelligent people...Unfortunately, look what happened to Senator J. William Fullbright...he saw the evil of the Zionists and they spent billions to defeat him. They called him, one of the greatest senators this country ever had, "The enemy"...But we are all entitled to our oppinions...I hope Bush is strong and he and Tony Blair (a tremendous politican) Can right the 53 years of terror the Israelis have wrought on this world, and America in particular.

    • Using your logic, if a strong, mean SOB moves in next door to you and wants your house or your wife, He can kick your ass and take it. You are typical of how the Israelis justify the concentration camps they have set up for the Palestinians...scum bags.

    • P_lynch-not You are the one that said this crackpot named casefucked investors " speaks the truth in his own special way".

    • Hey Kelly:

      You're reading my messages with way too much bias. I never said we shouldn't hit back at the terrorists. We have every right to seek out those that committed the 9/11 attrocites.

      What I am saying is that we could do a better job with our foreign policy. Perhaps engage in supporting governments which share our values, as oppose to granting carte blanche to a select few.

    • My "imagination" and what I and everyone else "buy" changed at September 11, 2001.

      "There are catalysts to terrorism which have not been addressed by the mainstream media. Even Barak (former Israeli PM) said there could be no military solution. What makes you think that one will work now? Or should we continue to beat a dead horse?"

      I have a better question for you: What makes you spout that the United States should lie down and take this? Sorry to disappoint you and get you back on track, thwart your diversion here, but quote "military action" is but a SMALL part of what will hit terrorists. They represent evil of the worst possible kind, all in the name of God.

    • Bymynumbers:

      Why don't you go back on meds, you're starting to get paranoid again!

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