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  • doonboggle doonboggle Feb 7, 2003 7:48 PM Flag

    last molecule

    Hey idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Read the last 4 words of your message and apply it!

    These boards are comprised of many folks seeking knowledge; not a cheap thrill of posting trash like you; and others I might add. I for one think you have absolutely nothing but sawdust in your noggin. If I wanted to read trash, akin to your sub level knowledge, I could click on the porn. sites that post willy-nilly to email boxes these days.

    Get a life idiot; and quite the trash postings. I can guarantee I speak for 90% of the posters to this site; in that you and your trash mouth PUNKS can go the way of the sewer lines; ie, into the bay and forever out of sight. Your kind, with your mannerisms, have no place in our world.....PUNK!!!!!!


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