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  • jamescramerisafool jamescramerisafool Dec 16, 2005 5:22 PM Flag

    Kudos to Parsons-Keep it up & you may.


    actually end up keeping your job. I admit underestimating you a little bit, but honestly now that you have Google Goggling and frothing with a 5% stake for $1 Billion go back to Microsoft, and play the squeeze play. Tell Microsoft to cough up $2 Billion for the same 5% stake, and then Parsons you have my full respect.

    I admit I have been harsh to you Parsons, but I see now that you get it, it just took 4 years, but heck better late than never as I always say.

    Icahn's response today was weak in my opinion, and as much as I respect what he is doing, today's lame response from him made him look bad in my eyes. he should of said something like, "It is a good start, but AOL is worth much more, and Parsons should know that." Using the words travesty was not a good choice of words, and shows he hates Parsons, and is not in this for a fair AOL valuation.

    See my allegiance is not to Icahn, but to the greater result for shareholder like myself, and Parsons did a good job today getting a $20 Billion figure of assigned value to AOL. It should be for more, and he should use this deal to now hit Microsoft with real hard ball terms, and boost that value to $2 to $2.5 billion per 5% stake.

    If Parsons gets a final value for AOL of $40 Billion to $50 Billion even imputed, I will vote for Dick Parsons.

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