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  • beaver_repair beaver_repair Apr 11, 2006 1:23 PM Flag

    US says Iran must remain stupid!


    The US and it's allies have had the bomb for 60 years. Iran is not allowed to learn how to harness the power of the atom. What a nerve. To undertstand the atom is to understand the universe. The US says if you learn too must we will kill you. We want the third world countries to remain ignorant. Will they stand for that? Are the Twin Towers standing?

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    • Transcript of United flight 93....."In the name of Allah" !!!

      "Pull it down! Pull it down!," a hijacker can be heard shouting, according to the commission. The airplane then headed downward, and the airplane rolled onto its back.

      The recording reveals that one of the hijackers began shouting, "Allah is the greatest. Allah is the greatest!"

      Need I say more ???????????????????????

    • you mofa... fargain bastagis.. cork sucker.. lol
      JEW. niggar

    • There is a war in every decade....have you not figued that out yet.

      Name me one decade in which the world has been at peace.......I thought so.....NONE !!!

      The 20th century no matter how advanced and compliant to peoples needs is just the same as it was in the previous centuries. The ONLY difference...the killing machines have gotten smarter....

      We will end this decade in war with middle east....between 2010 - will be with someone else..I bet Taiwan is not too far off on someones wish list.

      There can NEVER be peace so long as man can not control his FEAR and GREED !!! A country is not at is the people that run and supoort the country....

      Man is known for destruction....this century is no different than the past.....let the world evolve as it the expense of human lives of the end, we will meet our fate and the REAL creator who will HOPEFULLY determine for us whet we MEN DID NOT GET !!!

      In the meantime, peace be with everyone....except Pasrons....we should NOT have a lawyer at the helm. They are the biggest crooks among white collars workers....telling you only waht you want to hear.

      We need a new CEO.....definetly NOT Parsons. he has no respect on Wall Street...none what so ever.

    • Quran or Kuran...who cares...It is only a book that was made by man back when the church was in control of peoples minds. Go against the Kuran and whip wash !! get your head cut of...!!!

      Same for the Bible, Gita and what have you. I don't believe all you people.....a book made by man and you all think it was God's making...

      Lets all grow up and stop believing in fairy tales. It is FEAr and GREED that drive man. It is FEAR that drives them to these pathetic religious books ....
      get this in your head...ANYTHING written/produced by man is for his destruction ..... when has MAN ever figured it out ????

      Lets all just do the good deeds in life and be nice to EVERYONE. These books make you killers ...not human SO all in all, they are not commands from God himself.....they are evil in disguise.

      Sorry just my opinion.

      Now as far as TWX is concerned...we are in the midst of April - May decline in which stocks generally speaking fall 5% - 10%. However, TWX should rise above $17 was a ho-hum day.....

      Lets go Parsons...get that booty of your shakinga nd lets see some action from TWX.

    • your moronic message doesn't warrant a retort.

      Go TWX !!

    • you, my eloquent friend, it is not KURAN, it is how could you talk about a subject when you don't even know how to spell it??. lol..

      Let the jews and muslems finish each other and have CNN show it to the world.. may be TWX gets to $18.00..

    • War was inevitable against the Middle east.
      Shortage of oil is main cause....was bound to happen and will only get worse unless alternative fuels are found.

      TWX will see $17.50 because it seems like the range has drooped from $17 - $18.50 to $16.50 - $18.

      I have only been TWX for last two months and enjoying every moment of it.

      Bush will stay at is all about who controls the supply of oil.
      China and Russia have theirs...what about the U.S. We must have ours.

      Surprising....real estate in Calgary Alberta is on fire because of oil prices...what happened to Dallas and Houston....the real estate is dirt cheap there...makes you wonder, did the oil dry up there or what ?

      The war and occupation is all about the oil. The next president will face the same.
      China and Russia hoarding as much as they can......and in the end, he who controls the oil fields is the next major superpower. Chine is obvious...U.S can not afford to give it up...who wants chinese dictatorship ?????? Not me for sure.

    • No doubt you're another GW Bush type of christin.

    • The middle east must NOT be allowed to have the bomb. PERIOD !!!

      They will screw each other up given the amount of anger majority of them possess.....and they will say....IN THE NAME OF GOD !!!

      Too deep a belief in religion is NOT good for anyone. The human brain is not capable of absorbing and understanding so much.....and God did not want it that way either.

      NO NUCLER BOMB for Iran !!!! Get rid of their president NOW !!! he is a treat to the West....eliminate him now before it is too late. One less human on this planet isn't going to keel the rest.

      Power to the U.S !!! Americans MUST support their president. His job is tough and it is easy to criticize.....he is doing what needs to be done.

      Oil is more important to the west and it MUSt be protected at all cost. Wait until u start to pay $5 at the is coming along with some major Hurricanes.....
      Load up on Oil stocks.....Chevron, Conoco Phillips, Exxon Mobile, ...and some Gold American Barrick.

      TWX to $17.50.......

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