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  • jonnykay1955 jonnykay1955 Apr 11, 2006 2:34 PM Flag

    US says Iran must remain stupid!

    the difference is Iran will use the bomb. I know we used the bomb but we used it defensively against Japan (at the time another fanatic regime). Iran would use it preemptively. This must not happen. Allah...a dangerous figment of islamic imagination cannot guide any country let alone any brain.

    Muslims have a stone-age mentality and cannot be trusted in a technically advanced world with weapons of mass destruction.

    Go TWX !!

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    • History demonstrates that the country in power at the time has CERTAIn rights other countries do not.
      While technology has advanced, the human being has not.
      Roman empire, Turkish Empire, British empire...the list goes on. TODAY it is AMERICA. Tomorrow probably CHINE. Evry do will have its day. Point is.....we must protect OUR interests at every cost.
      Some countries in the Middle East think they can hold us hostage to the oil...well surprise...THEY CAN and WILL if we let them.
      Iran is no different...Venezuala is in bed with Castro.

      America MUSt protect its interests in the middle east. No IF's about that......

      Now lets stop this nonsense talk and talk TWX....the point is clear. Countries that demonstrate violence against their own in the NAME OF GOD should have nothing !!!!! They are too dangerous to the rest of mankind.
      Allah is a dangerous beast and is name should NEVER be spoken.

      Israel has to survive at all cost and so MUSt its land. Whether myth or otherwise, it is the birth place of Jesus....assuming he existed at all.
      Christians MUST protect their sacred land as muslims do theirs....this is a battle between religions....not the right to have or pocess a bomb.

      O.K fo Israel to have....o.k for Saudia Arabia to possess it..not good if Iran, Cuba, venuzwala or any country hostile to democracy has it.

      TWX now close to $16.90..... a close today around $16 7/8 will confirm above $17 tomorrow.

      Forget Iran and let Bush do his job....lets focus energy on TWX....Parsons is the man in the limelight for us. Bush is too big a problem for u..lete him do his job and u do yours.

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      • Let Bush Do His job????

        I'll prepare for WAR. Rates should drop as the economy slows. The Government debt will increase more. I'm trying to time my exit from the market now. I just want TWX to do the TW Cable IPO ASAP then I'm out.

        These last 4 years should tell you how Iran will fight its WAR against the west. Thanks to Bush and his supporters I think we will be in WAR for years to come.

    • I have a few muslims friends/co workers and they don't have a stone-age mentality. In fact, based on your statement I think you are a Christan with a stone-age mentality. I bet you support the killings of others because the bible said its okay to do it.

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      • We have three muslims and they spend at least 10 minutes praying need to pray to God so is not good for the mind.
        Too much of one thing is decremental to growth...muslims have that problem..that is why many are not intelligent. As blacks are to music and drugs and sports, muslims are to God. Either way...not good for growth of their brain.

        Muslims are stone age creatures. The fewer there are, the better it is for the world. We will all meet our fate with God when the time need to send someone to him by cutting of their head prematurly.

        Muslim men should be eliminated to everey degree possible.....their women are very beautiful under those blacks veils. get rid of the men and keep the women is my motto. wow !! soooooooooo beautiful they are.

      • you, my eloquent friend, need to read about islam. i suggest a book entitled Why I AM Not a Muslim written by Ibn Warraq. the more you discover about islam and the kuran the more you will understand what is occuring around you and the more aghast you will be.

        i am not a bible thumper nor religious at all. i have found a way to be "good" without the threat of damnation or retribution from any so-called deity.

        i write this simply to inform, not to do battle.

        Go TWX !!

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