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  • whatilearn1234 whatilearn1234 May 27, 2011 3:15 AM Flag

    U.S.A., don't sell out your most important military stretegy base in Taiwan.


    In lobbying the U.S. to promote Chairman Tsai recognition of the consensus 92
    更新日期: 2011/05/27 02:52 特派員林琮盛/北京報導 Updated: 2011/05/27 02:52 Commissioner Lin Tsung Sheng / Beijing reports
    旺報【特派員林琮盛/北京報導】 Wang Chung-Sheng Lin reported 【Commissioner / Beijing reported】

    距離明年總統大選只剩下7個多月,中共不只努力對台灣作工作,同時也積極遊說美國力挺馬英九連任。 Left until the presidential election more than 7 months, the CCP not only to Taiwan for work, but also actively lobby the United States even behind Ma Ying-jeou re-election. 據本報獨家獲悉,上周,大陸國台辦副主任孫亞夫前往紐約,和美國在台協會(AIT)主席薄瑞光等官員進行一場對談。 According to this newspaper exclusively learned that last week, the mainland 's Taiwan Affairs Office Deputy Director Sun Yafu to New York, and the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) Chairman Burghardt and other officials engaged in a dialogue. 孫亞夫希望,美國能對民進黨主席蔡英文施加壓力,讓小英在某種形式上,承認「九二共識」。 Sun Yafu hope the U.S. can the DPP Chairman Tsai Ing-wen put pressure on Little Britain in some form, to recognize the "ninety-two consensus."

    二軌管道僅中美出席 Only the United States to attend the two-track pipeline

    據了解,這場紐約對話屬於「二軌管道」,過去已舉辦18年,只有在前總統陳水扁執政第一任期時,中斷數年。 It is understood that this dialogue in New York are "two-track channel" has been held over the past 18 years, only former President Chen Shui-bian administration's first term, the interrupt number of years. 前國安會祕書長蘇起先前也曾參與討論。 Former National Security Council Secretary General Su Chi also participate in the discussion earlier.

    不過,05年重啟對話後,在大陸的壓力下,原本都會出席與會的台灣代表,被迫退出,只剩中美兩方對談。 However, 05 years after the resumption of dialogue, under the pressure of the mainland, the original participants will attend on behalf of Taiwan, was forced to withdraw, leaving the two sides of the Sino-US talks. 有趣的是,會議雖然沒有台灣官方代表,但翻譯人員卻有台灣身分。 Interestingly, the Conference although no official representatives of Taiwan, but there are translators of Taiwan identity.

    據透露,在上周的中美對談中,中方出席的人員,主要是大陸外交部和國台辦官員。 It was revealed in last week's Sino-US dialogue, the Chinese side to attend the staff, mainly the mainland Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Taiwan Affairs officials. 美方出席的人士除了薄瑞光外,還有幾位國務院官員及軍方將領。 In addition to the United States who attended Burghardt, there are several State Department officials and military generals.

    會談中,孫亞夫向美方官員強調,大陸對當前的兩岸關係頗為滿意。 During the talks, Sun Yafu to the U.S. officials stressed that the mainland is quite satisfied with the current cross-strait relations. 但這種良好的關係,是以「九二共識」為前提。 But this good relationship is based on "ninety-two consensus" as a precondition.

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