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  • whatilearn1234 whatilearn1234 Jun 9, 2011 11:08 PM Flag

    Let me tell you what Taiwan's CEOs think.


    Taiwan May export total amount of double-high
    記者賴昭穎台北9日電 世界新聞網北美華文新聞、華商資訊 Reporter Lai Zhaoying Taipei 9 Chinese Xinhua News World News Network North America, the Chamber News
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    財政部統計處8日天公布,5月台灣外貿出口總額高達278億8000萬億美元、進口總額達266億5000萬美元,雙雙創下史上單月新高。 8 days and Statistics Department, Ministry of Finance announced that Taiwan's total exports in May up to $ 8000000000000000 27.8 billion, imports totaled 26.6 billion 50 million U.S. dollars, a record in the history of both single-month high. 其中,台灣對外貿易出口已締造連續三個月創新高的佳績。 Among them, Taiwan's foreign trade export has created a new high for three consecutive months of success.
    此外,今年前五個月,台灣累計對外出口1289億8000萬美元、進口1202億7000萬美元,也都是歷年同期新高。 In addition, the first five months of this year, Taiwan's total exports 128.9 billion 80 million U.S. dollars and import 120 200 000 000 $ 70,000,000, same calendar year are also high. 不過,因為石油、液化天然氣等礦產品進口大增,1到5月的出超只有87億1000萬美元,比去年同期衰退近二成。 However, because of oil, liquefied natural gas and other minerals import surge, 1 to 5 months of trade surplus is only 8.7 billion 10 million U.S. dollars, recession Jin Ercheng same period last year.

    財政部統計長林麗貞8日表示,近期國際貨幣基金和世界貿易組織都樂觀預期,今年全球貿易量仍有約7%的成長,全球經濟持續復甦,有助台灣出口動能穩定成長,出口有可能再創新高。 Ministry of Finance, Long Lin Lizhen the 8th that the recent International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organization are optimistic expectations, this year, about 7% of world trade growth, the global economy continues to recover, will help stabilize Taiwan's export growth momentum, exports are likely to be high.

    近日台灣爆發黑心起雲劑風波,不少國家要求台灣的產品下架,統計處官員表示,以去年為例,台灣出口飲料及調理食品金額不到2億美元,占總出口金額的比率低於千分之一,對於出口衝擊「微乎其微」。 Recent outbreaks in Taiwan sinister agents from the storm cloud, many countries require products from shelves in Taiwan, the department officials said last year, for example, Taiwan's exports amount of drinks and prepared foods less than 2 billion U.S. dollars, lower than the ratio of total export value thousandth of the impact on exports, "little."

    出口產品方面,林麗貞說,5月的基本金屬及其製品、資訊與通信產品、機械等出口金額都寫下史上單月新高;其中資通產品出口金額19億9000萬美元,主要拜智慧型手機、平板電腦大舉出貨之賜。 Export products, Lin Lizhen said, in May of basic metals and their products, information and communications products, machinery and other export amounts are written in the history of single-month high; in which the amount of information and communication products exported 90 million U.S. dollars 1.9 billion, mainly thanks to smart phones , Tablet PC, thanks to large-scale shipments.

    至於出口國,5月台灣對大陸及香港出口112億美元,創下史上單月次高;對東協六國出口46億6000萬美元、美國出口34億4000萬美元都是史上單月新高。 As for the exporting country, in May exports of Taiwan to the mainland and Hong Kong 11.2 billion, the second highest single-month record in the history; of the six ASEAN countries export 60 million U.S. dollars 4.6 billion, U.S. exports are 3.4 billion 40 million U.S. dollars in the history of single-month high.

    值得一提的是,累計1到5月台灣對中國大陸、美國、東協六國、歐洲、日本等主要國家的出口金額,都是歷年同期新高。 It is worth mentioning that the cumulative 1 to 5 月 Taiwan, mainland China, the United States, ASEAN countries, Europe, Japan and other major exporting countries, the amount of calendar year are high.

    進口方面,林麗貞指出,今年前五個月的資本設備進口181億8000萬億美元,創下史上同期新高,其中又以機械增加17億7000萬美元最多;消費品進口91億美元也是歷年新高,主要以小客車增加2億5000萬億美元最可觀。 Imports, Lin Lizhen that the first five months of imports of capital equipment, $ 8000000000000000 18.1 billion, a record high in the history of the same period, among which the 1.7 billion machine to increase up to $ 70,000,000; 9.1 billion U.S. dollars of imports of consumer goods is also a record high, mainly 200 million passenger cars increased the most impressive $ 5000000000000000.

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