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    U.S. corporations holds record cash position.


    800 billion record companies hold cash
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    由於擔心出現另一次類似導致李曼兄弟公司(Lehman Brothers)垮台的信貸危機、需求疲軟與缺乏來自政府的刺激,儘管回報為負,許多公司寧願持有現金而不是用其來增加雇員或擴大再生產,因此導致企業持有的現金達到創紀錄水準。 As fears of a similar result in another Lehman Brothers (Lehman Brothers) collapse of the credit crunch, weak demand and a lack of stimulus from the government, despite negative returns, many companies prefer to hold cash rather than using it to add employees or expand production , leading to corporate cash holdings reached a record level.
    CNBC援引Birinyi合夥公司的資訊報導,目前史坦普500指數公司擁有的現金或相當於現金的資產約8000億元,而目前的失業率則再次超逾9%。 CNBC quoted Birinyi partnership information report, the current S & P 500 company-owned assets in cash or cash equivalent of about 800 billion yuan, while the current unemployment rate is over 9% again. 此類現金與相當於現金資產的收益率可能低於當前3.8%的通貨膨脹率,意味著其回報為負。 Such cash and cash equivalent assets, yields may be lower than the current 3.8% inflation rate means that the return is negative.

    史蒂芬爾尼可拉斯董事總經理魯茲說,公司仍然擔心信用緊縮,因此在需求疲軟的情況下,就沒有必要增聘新人,只要使用臨時工就好。 Shidifener Nicholas Lutz, managing director, said the company is still worried about credit crunch, so in the case of weak demand, there is no need to recruit new people, just like the use of temporary workers.

    經濟學家認為,這種特別保守的情況與聯準會22日有關經濟狀況的看法是不一致的。 Economists believe that this particular conservative scenario 22 with the Fed's view on the economic situation is inconsistent. 聯準會在利率策略會議後的聲明中表示,股價、能源與其他攀升的成本回落,預期將推動就業,而經濟也將從其階段性疲軟的狀況中復甦。 Fed interest rate policy in a statement after the meeting said, stock prices, rising energy and other costs down, is expected to promote employment and the economy will also benefit from its weak position in the recovery stage.

    著有有關李曼兄弟公司倒閉內幕一書的作家麥當勞(Larry McDonald)認為,這是後李曼時代的系統問題,在經歷幾乎死亡之後關閉18個月的金融市場危機之後,企業擁有了現金,但卻小心謹慎。 Forward to the collapse of Lehman Brothers, McDonald's inside a book writer (Larry McDonald) that this is the era of the system after the Lehman issue, after almost 18 months after the death of close of the financial market crisis, companies have the cash, but be careful.

    對因此出現的這種真空,聯準會與歐巴馬總統都在努力填補。 So there's this vacuum on, the Fed and Obama are working hard to fill. 在信貸危機之間,聯準會投入大量資金並繼續努力拉低利率以刺激企業與個人消費;歐巴馬政府不但通過8000億元的刺激計畫,而且還繼續布希時代的減稅等政策,但企業仍然擔心勞動成本會增加,且稅收也可能會提高。 Between the credit crisis, the Fed will continue its efforts to put down a lot of money and interest rates to stimulate business and personal consumption; Obama administration will not only stimulate the project by 800 billion yuan, but also to continue the Bush era tax cuts and other policies However, companies still worried about labor costs will increase, and tax revenue may increase.

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