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  • counter_insurgency_buff counter_insurgency_buff Nov 7, 2012 9:31 PM Flag

    Jump off fiscal cliff is a GIVEN

    no way will they rescind that, it would mean saying they were lying

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    • I just got cancer reading your posts, literally have like 1 month left to live

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      • twx has the experts on advertisment as a science and art. You can close your eyes but you cant close your ears. Only a matter of time before the public gets more of the weekly flyer read to them while sleeping. dream sale on now, buy now. twx to profit

      • Wat... sorry to hear about your health problem. The point i make about hypnotic suggestion/advertisement to the sleeping person is no joke. As you know twx and other media manufacturers are making big dollars selling advertising, and this it because advertising has been shown to work on the awake public with all thier logic intact. Now its not hard to imagine the success of advertisment, commercial or political done to the sleeping public with their logic suspended. I believe this is already happening on individuals the government or big business want to influence, but its going to become a major profit area for the likes of twx. The low cost of radio electronics and sonic equipment make this possible in this age of newspeak. If it makes you feel any better the spin doctors can call it therapy.

    • The government will not allow a crisis ot exist. If things get bad enougth or threaten to get too severe
      the government might start to employ its mass media or "opiate of the masses" , ie using sonic and radio techniques to affect the dream state of people. If you watch the movie Dreamscape or in other languages "a morte nos sonhos", or "Hollische Traume" , you can get the gist of it. given modern
      media, and cheap electronics its all very cheap and easy for the government to do and given a crisis situataion the government would suspend ethics and moral limitations. To keep the markets liquid
      they could even make buy and hold suggestions to key investors or even en mass to the investors.
      Twx and other news manufacturers could benefit by helping to provide this service to the government. Having experienced this sort of thing myself (as a victim), i can say its has some limitations and side effects but the government is not troubled by the ethics or the impact on the individual.

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      • I would point out that the government, some religious extremists, and big corporations are using sonic techniques to make suggestions to sleeping indiviuals today, mostly those they consider have some influence and would like to bring under control. Consider it a form of advertising (hypnotic suggestion) to the sleeping
        victim, like advertisment to a person of diminished capacity or logic/reason. The step from doing this to individuals to mass public would be made easier in a crisis situation, where ethics would be suspended, just as logic is suspended during sleep. the government would use the greater good argument. mass media like twx would make handsome profits helping to provide this service.

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