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  • robear_777 robear_777 Feb 4, 2013 1:04 PM Flag

    Free 24hr Late Night content on every iPad ???

    The HBO GO app is very useful for watching a large variety of family content but I can’t hand my iPad to my children because visible in the lower right corner of this app is a button for “Late Night”…… Which is by definition “Adult Content !!!”

    The Time Warner app has a work around but it is unacceptable; users can visit their provider’s website and turn off permission to access “unrated content”… Which means that they can exclude thousands of older family film while also turning off all adult content; this isn’t an acceptable solution because it excludes much of the content that we want to see on HBO GO.

    What the HBO GO app needs is a way to prevent little eyes from accidently accessing “Late Night” while allowing them to see a plethora of unrated family (films like Alice in Wonderland, Pinocchio, Goosebumps, Narnia, etc. etc.). IMHO, the setting for HBO GO should have in-app exclusion or password lock-out of HBO “Late Night” so our children won’t have 24 hour access to HBO’s “Late Night” material.

    I also believe that the customer should also be able to explicitly exclude TV-MA and TV-AO but most of these are already pushed into the HBO “Late Night” category. Providers currently give limited ability to exclude questionable content but only at the expense of all unrated films. This is a nice feature for the parent who fears that Time Warner is slipping Late Night content outside of the HBO Late Night category; unfortunately this feature currently comes at the expense of all unrated films (including many great family films, many more than the few I listed above).

    Please recommend this post if you agree that the HBO GO app needs an in-app solution for excluding or password protecting "Late Night" content. Perhaps if this post gets enough recommendations then someone at Time Warner will take notice and fix the problem. If not, then perhaps some tech writer will read it and write an article that shames Time Warner into action.

    Thank You in Advance!

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    • Yep, Time Warner's HBO Late Night is code word for soft pooorn and it should not be easy for small children to venture into that side of the app. I had to delete the HBO GO app from both my iPhone and my iPad for just that reason. They should either fix the problem or Apple should ban the app from the app store.

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