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  • telaviv767 telaviv767 Apr 30, 2014 3:05 PM Flag

    Alert! TWX new price target! $200! Profits are going to explode higher in 2015! 6 NEW VIDEO GAMES!

    TWX is so undervalued it is INSANE! HBO is worth 100 billion! China box office is EXPLODING! TWX is the #1 video game company in 2015! DC Comics are going to produce Movie and Video game hits for the next 100 years! Already have two new movie franchises in 2014, LEGO and Godzilla! Cable Networks are insanely undervalued going to be an EPIC ride over the next 18 months!:)

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    • Nonsense! On the ground out here in the USA TWX is shooting itself in the foot! Nasty class action waiting int the wings,consumer ABUSE, yes VERBAL ABUSE by TWC employees.

      After they get em signed up and hooked the fun starts.
      TWC who does not OWN the consumer equipment in customer's homes, claims it has the right to CHARGE THEM FOR IT!
      Go read common Law under 'threshold'.
      The internet today is full of negative consumer complaints about abusive belligerent TWC individuals that cause these consumers to terminate TWC service to their homes.
      In many markets TWC is already outdated and out classed by HBDS fiber optic providers, under which any consumer can broaden his neighborhood internet resources by buying a cheap router and leaving it public access.

      TWX is a short, today I rate it @ $7.00 on the liberal side, on the conservative $0.50

      Kick it while ya can

    • ALERT! You're insane. $200 price target. What a blatant pumper who is full of it.

    • Hey telaviv767 ... Much appreciation for the positive, informative message.
      GO TWX !

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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