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  • pyuris pyuris Feb 5, 1998 2:39 PM Flag

    Down 1,up 1/8(for short covers),down1 1/

    Yep!I like this rhytm:
    \/\ /\
    \/ \

    Check youself!

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    • You told me nothing I didn't already know... I'm telling you, I don't care if it drops some after earnings (which,
      incidentally, I don't think it's going to this time around). If it does, I'll buy more. If it doesn't, I'll hold (or I still may buy
      more). The flip side of your equation is, after it has dropped a little after each earnings report, it has again taken off to new
      heights. Each of those "corrections" has been another buying opportunity. I have no problem with you shorters' betting on a short
      decline. I only have problems with doomsdayer's like 'numby and pyorrhea predicting 30% drops within days just before or just after
      earnings. The reverse of this would be if I predicted a 30% rise within days of the same announcement. Neither is going to happen, but
      these extreme idiots keep preaching their crap. I will give them this credit, though... history has proven time and again that so
      long as there are contrarian preachings being blabbed, that's positive. I'll get nervous if/when everybody is positive... that's
      when we'll all be set up for a BIG fall... Good luck!

    • you missed something, AOL always runs up prior to earnings, in fact, for the last 5 years AOL has run up 3 to 7 points prior to earnings, only to fall 5 to 20 points within one week after earnings. Don't count on the money to quick, I'm curious to see what happens the following week, so should you!!!!!

    • Yeh, sometimes that can be the driver. However, in this case, it's the following later rather than sooner, so that could harbor not-so-good news. I still think the earnings news is going to be "ho-hum", and the big investors have already discounted chances of a disappointment surprise. It's still rated a 1.5 moderate buy, with the strong majority of analysts still strong buy (14 strong; 6 moderate; 3 hold, and none sell or strong sell).

    • Rant and rave on, Numbnuts and Pyorrhea... Last I looked this AM AOL was up $3 (3%) day before earnings. Buyers' are sure buying your tank stories, aren't they? Pyorrhea, what happened to your $70 on 2/7 prediction? And the beat goes on... and on... and on...

    • Lighten up.

      Numbnuts and Pyorrhea and their ilk aren't interested in sharing info. They're just looking for a way to get rid of the load in their shorts.

    • Why not work together and share info on a stock rather than meaningless jabs and drivel?

      We know that current investor/public confidence is positive as the price is rising. While the stock has the appearance of
      being overvalued, investors are looking to the future, this company is well positioned to take advantage of new first time
      computer buyers. Short term they may or may not report as we all expect. However, longer term (1 to 3 years) looks OK. Something to
      watch for is growing competition from the telephone companies, which may impact subscription rates look for AOL to double in value
      over the next three years.. AOL has the momentum now. I am looking to see positive earnings based upon overall increase in
      subscribers over the past quarter. I may be wrong we will see when they report.

    • Or whatever passes for talk in his case. His is clearly one of the few cases of Tourette's Syndrome manifested on the Web
      and is worth studying.(Pyorrhea is possibly the other -- but his symptoms are masked by schizophrenic senile dementia or heavy
      use of hallucinogens or contra-indicated Schedule I drugs or all of the above). Besides, the idiot is now down on the 2500 AOL
      short at 83, the 50 90 puts (made up by the fantasy calls), and was going to keep putting away on "rhytm" (sic)-- or was that
      Pyorrhea?-- and has probably got a whole class suing him from his boiler room days. So long as we keep a record of his involuntary tics,
      twitches and other emanations on this board, it could be very useful to scientists trying to find a cure for this debilitating

    • ...until after earnings. We can't count on your word for anything, can we?

    • I'll just add you to my general public list which has proven itself to be wrong over 95% of the time. The number one rule in investing, what ever the general public is doing or thinking, do the opposite. When you play with the big boys, you normally get burned. See you all after earnings.

    • Hello knum1!

      You have make a big have buy puts...that was not a good decision. Then the earnings are very good. I hope that you will sell these puts enough early...

      Greetings from Switzerland


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