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  • Gleep99 Gleep99 Feb 9, 1998 4:29 PM Flag

    Cable Modem

    Could you please tell what's involved in using a cable modem setup?
    I have a local private ISP. I had Prodigy for about 5 years, I tried AOL for a month a couple of years ago, as well as CompuServ for a couple of months a few years ago.
    Since 1995 I have always at least had a private ISP and been very happy with them.

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    • >Could you please tell what's involved in using a cable modem setup?

      I've got one, so I'll answer. You get a Ethernet card and install it in the PC.
      Then you connect the Ethernet card to the cable modem. The cable modem is then
      connected to the cable . . viola! High-speed full-time internet connection.

      The reason that you need an ethernet card is that serial ports max out at 112Kb/sec.
      (That's why most ISDN "modems" don't let you use the full 128K available on the
      ISDN line.)

      If you can get a cable modem in your area for $50 and you are an avid online/internet
      user . . . then get it. It is worth it. Even if you are an AOL
      user, you can access AOL through it by paying $5/month. (Though I don't
      know why you would want that.)

      If you are not an avid user and you don't mind the slow 28.8K connection, then
      you don't need to switch. Personally, I'll never go back.

      Also, check if you local area has DSL . . . that's another high speed access means.
      My area has it, but the prices are still too high for consumer use. The prices
      are dropping though.

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