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  • toycruiser toycruiser Feb 9, 1998 6:17 PM Flag

    Case on MoneyLine

    Steve Case on MoneyLine today looked very nervous and defensive:He didn't look like the CEO of the company which had 10% rally today.

    Is he usually like that? Does anyone know?

    Naturally he declined to comment on tomorrow's earnings report and merger talks with NSCP.

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    • Congratulations AOL and Steve Case!!!

    • Shafferja sees heads and shoulders, Numbnuts sees patterns after earnings announcements, Pyorrhea detects "rhytm" (sic) and you see the sweat on Steve Case's forehead. Hey, what more could a bunch of sorry losers like you want ? Short put on the sweat, baby, and don't mind the smell from the load in your shorts.

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      • Dear rowrowrowwoman,

        I am not here to get into a pissing contest with you, but rather, provide my observation, analysis, and opinion as much as I gather from the others here, including you. If you disagree with my views, then just simply ignore me.

        I am very thankful to Yahoo for initiating this message board for people to share information, but when ever I encounter trash-talkers like you I get disheartened and it makes me wonder about people.

        On the brighter side, however, I guess I should thank people like you with very questionable intelligence who are responsible for the "Sucker's Rally" like the one AOL experienced on the eve of the potentially horrible earnings report. People like you just made AOL Feb 100 PUT just ONE BUCK so I could snatch 'em just before the closing of the market.

        As long as there are idiots like you trading out there, I'll make money every single time. Obviously, there are plenty out there...

        Very Sincerely Yours,


      • Couldn't have said it better - well, earnings tomorrow, so down the drain we go (teehee, teehee)... Seeyaallheretomorrowokay?

    • From their 10K, here's what the company says it does:

      "AOL provides Internet online services such as electronic mail, conferencing, software, computing support, interactive magazines and newspapers, and online classes, as well as easy access to services of the Internet."

      1. Electronic mail: This is a commodity offered free of charge from numerous competitors including ISPs and web based hotmail, yahoo, excite and others.
      2. Conferencing: This is a euphemism for chat. The chat community that AOL has developed was the most compelling reason to
      own the stock. Eighteen months ago chat was a novelty. Today the technology is a commodity and most web sites can offer the
      service for next to nothing. Also, Internet Relay Channel (IRC) dwarfs AOL in popularity. Some of the chat groups are relocating to
      areas outside of AOL that have better moderation and organization. In the same way that USENET has dimmed because of spamming, AOL
      chat group members have taken their discussions elsewhere.
      3. Software: The maintenance and distribution of their browser software is a time consuming cost of doing business. It is not a reason to own the stock.
      4. Computing support: This has been given new life with the Compuserve acquisition but is increasingly an area being served better by web savy hardware and software vendors such as Dell.
      5. Interactive Magazines and Newspapers: this is a commodity content area that is expensive to maintain. Valuable magazine and newspaper content is better served by sites such as the Wall Street Journal.
      6. Online Classes: This is a commodity content area that is expensive to maintain. Value added non-commodity classes can be found at premium content sites such as the University of Phoenix and ZDNet.
      7. Easy Access to the Internet: Faster, cheaper and more reliable access can be achieved through ISPs that specialize in this area. Today, many long distance carriers offer internet access. AT&T has great service and the monthly charge goes right on your phone bill.

      Some analysts say AOL must be valued based on the sum of its parts. The problem is that AT&T plus Yahoo (or Netcom plus Excite) is superior to AOL in all seven areas.

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