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  • Bob47MM Bob47MM Feb 13, 1998 6:51 PM Flag


    One fine day, an elephant was walking thru the jungle when he heard "heeelp, heeelp". He followed the sound to a quicksand bog where he found a sinking mouse.
    "Help me please" said the mouse.
    The elephant stradled the bog, the mouse grabbed on to the elephants dick, and the elephant then walked out of the bog, saving the mouse. "I'll never forget this", said the mouse.
    Years later, the mouse is walking along when he hears "heeelp, heelp me".
    He scoots along to find the elephant that saved him stuck and sinking in a similar quicksand bog. "Wait, don't move. I'll be right back" yells the mouse.
    A few minutes later, the mouse pulls up to the bog in a Corvette, ties a rope to the bumper, throws the other end to the elephant, yells "hang on", and in a cloud of burning hydrocarbons, pulls the elephant out of the bog and to safety.
    The moral to this story... You don't need a big dick if you've got a Corvette.
    And it takes balls to short AOL.

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