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  • doomheads4 doomheads4 Feb 23, 1998 6:29 PM Flag

    silicon investor is laughing at you yaho

    a few of these wildly bullish post have shown up in s.i. for a laugh!!!! the greater fool theory is enforce in its greatest glory!! though i suspect some of these posts have to be tongue in cheek. fools rush in ! i just didn't know there were so many of them!! aol 150 tomorow 200 wednesday 400 thursday 800 friday.............

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    • swoooooooooossssssshhhhhhh!


      here come the margin calls...there goes the house!

    • lets hear one of you patented SWOOOOSHES!! the time could be near this market is digesting greenspans speech and wants to correct. my man fletch is hitting the bottle today and has reverted to his evil twin! the s.i. posts are parodying yesterdays bullish mania from this post! talking about morgaging the home and maxing out the credit cards to buy aol. said the koreans and japanese should sell u.s. treasuries and buy aol as it is safer and has a better return hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

    • and are needed in this business. How much do those freebie disks et al... cost???

      Because unless AOL is throwing such costs on the balance sheet again (DOH!), they will negatively impact earnings.

      And how many of those ads make it to sales vs. being dumped in the trash can (i have dumped three in past six months...).

    • ... one or two frickin' ads a session? They just started a few months ago! If you can't take ads, my boy, you're eventually going to be paying more-of-the-way yourself. It'll be like commercial television vs. PBS. You want no ads? Only watch PBS... Boy, now there's a real choice! And you'll be paying for the ad free PBS to boot! You'll love the PBS version on the I'net. I just know it'll fit you!

    • take a deep breath don't get excited! now after your butchering of simultaneous please do not give me any more spelling lessons. thankyou in advance. so you use aols crappy service huh? i had it free for a year used it a couple of times got tired of all those stupid ads.

    • ... 'Nough said!

    • There are 2 reasons that I think AOL is around its peak. Since you are a momentum trader, you should know that when price is flatten or dip and when the volume is low that means the momentum is shifting. Both are what's happening right now. You can hold on to your AOL stock, but I hate to see people borrow on their houses and then find out they have to get forclosure by bank.

    • ... You guys really getting upset, eh? I'm beginning to understand your logics! Toy, immediately, sign up to retake math 101! Do not pass go... Do not collect $200! Report back here if you get D or better grade (won't be seeing you for some time - teehee, teehee). Good of you to mentor one of your fellow bears, though, LB10.

    • ... comes with a fuckin' keyboard with lower case on it! Now if we could cross-breed you with a couple of others on this board who don't have any caps on their keyboards, you might get another chance to rejoin mankind. You've added a great deal to this board's sucking, so you're free to leave immediately, if not sooner. Seeyabye!

    • Doom'y,... while you're laughin' at us, we're laughin' all the way to the bank. Let's see, now... it's gonna' tank this morning? Or is it tomorrow morning? I keep getting the tank days mixed up!

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      • Greetings:

        The cost of Electronic security trading has gone from $40 to $29.95 to $11, and now to $8 per trade. Some trades on the NASDAQ is now free. I foresee the electronic brokerages will be offering free ISP and email by year end.

        AOL, Earthlink, and other ISPs will be in Netscape's shoes by 1999. Henceforth, milk it this year. This is just one man's take on the ISP sector.


      • this stock is climbing up the bloody backs of wave after wave of capitulating shorts and a group of anal-ists trying to pad
        their reputations. when the shorts are finally gone the stock will drop overnight on an order imbalance the anal-ists will
        downgrade before the open and take credit for downgrading before the drop the margin calls will have the same effect on the stock in
        the opposite direction. when this will happen who knows! right now aol stock is backing off slightly waiting on a new batch of
        fresh meat to kill. i think an overall market drop will be the trigger . when this happens who knows but i am sure it will.
        (hopefully before july 18)....

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