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  • xonlow xonlow Feb 24, 1998 3:27 PM Flag

    It sure got quiet in here

    Yesterday, I was regretting having sold at 116, now I don't know.

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    • Let's see... it's up$49 above this prediction you made in mid-January. Come on.... make another prediction, when (specifically); how much, over how much time (precisely)? And, how much to you have bet on this prediction? (teehee, teehee).

    • imagine the squeeze at the exit door if the "move" of 5-12 is DOWN!!!

      Loving my puts too!

      Cheap and unwanted now, and I'm gonna squeeze those who want to buy my puts real soon...

    • We have only seen it move 5-12 pts in one direction, I love the LAW OF AVERAGES!

      Loving my 50 PUTS

    • Yes, the fund managers will see that AOL cannot drop below 118 due to all the shorting activity and they will buy more, knowing that another short squeeze can easily drive it back to 125.

      Remember, AOL can move 5 to 12 points in one day.

    • I'm pumped up!

      This bad boy is finally going to get it's due. I rode it up and now I'm going to cash in on this HYPE machine. I love all you bulls, it just confirms that my short postion is solid's.

      By the way--don't you think the big fund managers saw what happened today!!It time to cash in. Watch they'll bang this thing going the other way.

      Oh by the way, CNBC's split analysis pumps me up. And you think this one is going to follow that trend? HA! If you have figured it out this is a unique animal.

      Loving my 50 puts

    • Love the bulls posts that say AOL has formed a new floor at $118-$119.

      Hmmmm, lets see, heavy volume, mkt up 1+%,
      and AOL up...HEY, WAIT A MINUTE!

      AOL with all the positive momentum finished slightly lower; CANT BE say the longs...

      Well, I'm no architect, but that $118-$119 seems like a ceiling to me, not a floor!

      I'll be glad to lay carpet on the soon to be established floor around $70...pre-split!

    • aol at 250 by friday!!!!!! buy now get rich quick!!!! we need all you aol bulls to keep buying! big money has a lot of this
      stock to unload with out too many people noticing! now you wouldn't want them to lose money would you??? this stock can't really
      drop until they have made sure that every sucker that is gonna buy has bought. buy now and wait for the fundementals to catch up
      with the stock! you know in about a bazilion years from now or so. THIS STOCK IS A SURE THING YOU CAN'T LOSE BUY

    • aol will sucker more shorts in beware good news due out in one week. Profits are soaring. 112 is the lowest we go. Buy the 130 july calls.

    • Hey buddy,

      I'm right there with ya on everything you noted about the whole CNBC morning exploration of split buying. Yes, it was interesting to me that no one commented on AOL, yet it was THE number one reccomended play for upcoming splits. IF that is so, why have institutions dumped out of 11%, eh?

      I feel that the 300,000 shares MAY have been a fund, but kit also could have a been one block for several retail accounts. This happens from time to time, and if someone were managing $$ for several millionaires, and wanted to play the AOL game, they may have bought for several accounts, all in one swoop.

      Whoever it is, no need to fear.

      the momentum has subsided...and this stocks volume JUMPED today...this is a sign that the stock is about to move, and too many have already stated to buy it...if that is no longer working many people will be FORCED to start taking profits...

      Keep up the good work..

      PS- anybody think to try emailing SQUAWK@CNBC.COM to ask Mark, or Kernan, or James Cramer or some guest why everyone on wall street has a screamin buy on a stock touting a 500PE? Especially a marketplace that downgraded SUNW at a 20 PE for being "temporarily overvalued." Could we NOT say AOL is next? Hmmmmm....

    • I think it will close below 119 today.

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