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  • toycruiser toycruiser Feb 25, 1998 7:51 PM Flag

    AOL is the new Microsoft

    Where did you hear that Warren Buffet is buying AOL?
    Could you please provide the source?

    I have been very busy with the mid-temrs, probably missed out on many news....thanks.

    (...I know Buffet's style, I read about him and studied him. AOL is probably the last thing he'd touch even with a 10 ft stick..
    I just cannot believe that. I must read the news myself.)

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    • >Where did you hear that Warren Buffet is buying AOL?
      >Could you please provide the source?

      It was a joke! I feel like I'm the only person that can spot the sarcasm these days.

      OK, here's the URL to the article that convince you that even AOL management really didn't think that
      AOL stock would have the gigantic rocket ride up that it has lately. Joe Bob says check it out.

      02/23 Wash Post- A Junk Bond Deal That's Golden for Some AOL Investors

      target=new >

    • Do you think Warren Buffet would ever buy AOL? Come on!

      He doesn't buy companies he doesn't understand. He doesn't buy techs.

      Also, he tries to pay below book value (AOL's book value is a little over $2/share).

      He likes companies with high return on equity percentages. AOL has an roe of -97%.

      Warren invests in companies with sound management. AOL maybe a lot of things, but it definitely is not that.

      Warren Buffet would think this company is a joke.

    • I'm no AOL long (closed one losing short position earlier, looking to start a new short position in ~2 weeks), but the shorts should be VERY cautious now.

      AOL probably has at least one more big up move before the crash, and this looks to be a bear trap being set to force that move. Puts are too expensive and lots of people are buying. I suspect short interest is up quite a bit as well. Finally, while Soros will evenutally bail, considering his in price, he'll want to drive this up a bit more.

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