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  • oil2olay oil2olay Feb 25, 1998 2:52 PM Flag

    Torture of the shorts :>)

    The AOL specialist on the NYSE is torturing the shorts. He is dribbling the stock price down by 1/4 at a time. Inching towards 117 the shorts hope so they can cover without loss but will never get there. Specialist will let the price go to 118 and shoot back up by 5 points and shorts will scream. This will happen tomorrow. Shorts must cover or stock will go to $125 in half hour at open tomorrow. George Soros will show no mercy !!! He is rich and I too will make money from AOL.

    :>O Long AOL Forever :>0

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    • George Soros isn't even involved in the day to day trading you dumbass. Stanley Druckenmiller is the main trader for Quantum.

      I suggest you read Soros' "Alchemy of Finance" and learn about booms and busts. AOL is a classis example of a boom/bust. Enjoy the boom now but at some point the bust will inevitably arrive.

      Quantum caught the boom part of this story, I guarantee you they won't catch the bust.

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