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  • Suggarr_17 Suggarr_17 Feb 25, 1998 5:09 PM Flag

    rectumraiders cranium hit the headboard

    but you do make me push their buttons without mercy...telling people this stock is a bubble is useless (you'll find out eventually, they ALWAYS burst when everyone is done BLOWING (no pun intended rectem...) hot air into them. this is a lot like trying to convince someone that O.J. really did kill his wife. don't let the facts get in the way of you're opinion....Ps. i don't believe rectem even owns this stock...unless he's short....

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    • The example of OJ is a good one. Everyone KNOWS O.J did the dirty deed, but O.J is walking the streets a free man. Everyone KNOWS AOL is "overpriced", but AOL is busting all the stops. And no dear, I'm not a short since I just picked up some more today. Somebody earlier mentioned the law of averages, but I believe in the law of trends and the only trend on AOL has been up, up , up !!!

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