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  • ck_trader ck_trader Mar 3, 1998 9:41 PM Flag

    can this hold?

    how much longer can AOL hold, might this come back down to 100 or so, well give me your opinion. thanks

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    • Now that AOL's wonderful leaders such as Steve Case are selling their shares it would be hard to make a case against selling with them. I sold short Monday and Tuesday - lucky I guess. I've had my eye on this one for awhile now, and I really think the wheels are starting to come off, at least as far as the stock price is concerned.

      Really now, can anyone really give me a rational, unemotional justification for the valuation behind this stock (AOL). Get real!

      I think I'll short some more today.


    • And still falling - that's number you need to know.

      Also watch next week our future presentation:


      teehe teehe

    • i don't buy puts and calls... I buy stocks! the prices i quoted were stock purchase prices. don't you f**kin' know you can buy stocks outright? goddamn, you may be the dumbest poster this board has seen so far!

    • ... of this alledged lawsuit. Give it to me and I will momentarily verify your allegation. Don't give it to me, and you verify that you are up to your usual imaginary games again... I'm waitin'!

    • You have the nerve to call someone else a disgrace???
      How about a response on your phony options purchase? I called you a liar, and have proven it. Jun 120 calls, more bs.
      Nothing to say about that?

    • WOW! If you're not BS'n us, you're a DISGRACE to your profession! You got all this time day-after-day to post this board on Company time and money? Would you share the Company you work for? I won't blow the whistle; I just wanna' make sure I don't have any of it's stock in my portfolio!

    • great,...thanks.
      Hey the southern momentum is building again! Let's test the gravity, starting with G1.

      Py, Doomheads, Eagle, Lawdog, take your positions!

    • Many people who would short this over valued over rated stock are hesitant to go short through a 2/1 split. After the split look for some serious selling. Those who held the stock for this unbeliveable run to take some money off the table. Those that know this should story has run its course will be selling short with both hands. I don't have any to sell yet but after the split there should be plenty to sell....I just hope there is someone left to buy it.

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      • Wednesday March 4, 3:34 am Eastern Time

        AOL CEO Steve Case sells 500,000 shares -WSJ

        NEW YORK, March 4 (Reuters) - America Online Inc (AOL - news) chief executive Steve Case has sold 500,000 of his shares
        in the company, the Wall Street Journal said Wednesday in its electronic edition.

        Case sold the shares last Wednesday, the newspaper said. His plans to sell were disclosed Monday.

        The company cites an AOL spokeswoman as its source.

        Five other AOL insiders who also disclosed plans to sell stock Monday sold 176,365 shares last Wednesday and Thursday, the
        newspaper said.

        Among them was AOL chief financial officer Lennert Leader, who sold 80,000 shares, reducing his total equity position in the
        company by 10 percent, the newspaper said.

        The sale prices weren't disclosed, but AOL stock closed at $118.9375 on Wednesday and $123.75 on Thursday, according to the

        The latest sale represents a 15 percent reduction in Case's holdings of AOL stock plus vested and unvested options, the
        newspaper said.

    • CK Trader,

      I am known to be wrong before, but here is my take.....

      1. There is a definate and strong inclining trend line established since about Jan 10th or so.

      2. AOL temporarily lost its momentum and coming down. Notice the decreasing volume for the last 6 trading days. AOL has established a weak downward trendline. This would be confirmed if AOL doesn't trade over 118 tomorrow.

      3. As you said, tomorrow it _CAN_ come down to 100:this would touch the established trendline. If not tomorrow, 111 would be the tangent point on Thursday.

      4. On Friday, the established inclining trendlie and the recent(unconfirmed) trendline would collide at 112. It would be very interesting to see what happens on this day.

      At anytime before Friday if AOl breaks down out of the inclining trendline I would then really become bearish. But considering the stock split coming soon, I am not so optimistic about this. Even if AOl breaks the trendline, because of the split it would go right back up to 112~116 range. It is also still carrying the momentum of 27.51.

      Some of the internet stocks got trashed today and this pattern would probably continue on to tomorrow. So IMHO AOL would trade down tomorrow with much less volume and perhaps even on Thursday.
      But it would be difficult to break 110 line at least for awhile.

      Again, this is just an opinion and it is subject to be proven wrong(again), especially in case of a news(good/bad).

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