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  • toycruiser toycruiser Mar 26, 1998 10:30 AM Flag

    What a reversal

    Wuz-up, pops?
    My realtime quote shows 66 15/16. That's DOWN from todays opening price of 67 3/8, right? (teehee teehee...)

    All indexes diving now, looking forward to see AOL dive at least at the rate of 1.6(beta) faster than the general market.

    I must have really ticked off that old moron from Bombay(Paikhanaghar, aka Rowrowrowm....teehee...teehee....)
    He actually bothered to go back over 3000 messages to my first message of #333(or so..can't confrim this. I don't have that kinda time to do historical research on AOL board messages...what a sorry loser that Paikhanaghar is.......teehee..teehee...that's probably why he was absent from the board for over a month, I though that sorry loser died of a heart-attack after reading some of my posts...)

    Stay outta the way, Fletch! Don't try to catch this brick falling from the 67th floor!
    teehee....teehee.....(gotta stop sayin' this. I've been hanging around with you too much)

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