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  • toycruiser toycruiser Mar 26, 1998 2:25 PM Flag

    Intraday TA: Look for 68 at 3ish...

    As I predicted earlier AOL broke out of the declining edge and going up again....
    It will meet a very strong resistance at 68~68 1/4(see 2-day 1-min chart). It may turn around there. Another good putting spot..

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    • I didn't even know you made a prediction on AOL today. I still don't know what it was, and don't care. I was having my
      "game" with SoftFletch. If you had a prediction and were correct, then you win. There will be more games of chess that we can play
      later. I have no doubt that you have never lost a nickel in the stock market, and that you are a stock guru. Since you are no doubt
      so rich in both dollars and intellect, you should spend more time on the beach or the golf course, and forget about this board.

    • ... more errored in our respective favors? I gained more from my conservatism; you lost more from your negatism... I LOVE to error in my own favor... DO YOU THRIVE ON LOSING TO YOUR OWN DETRIMENT?

      Detente' off... you are truely an idiot!

    • in post # 4057 you predicted that AOL would go up if the market went up, and AOL would go down if market went down. I'm leaving out the details, but that is what you said. I am wrong because I said AOL would end down. It ended up.

    • ... and what even was your prediction, regardless of whether it was wrong or right (please, try to put it into numbers; math, not rhetoric)...

    • You were wrong on your prediction of this morning, as was I.

    • ... for every one percent (or fraction of a percent) the SP500 goes UP, AOL will go up 1.6% (I accept I think it's Toy's beta on the upside). For every one percent (or fraction) the SP500 goes DOWN, AOL will go down .8%.

      This is consistent with my post late yesterday regarding my predictions since January... What'll it do specifically today? I don't know specifically (you should know, I've NEVER made an intraday or next day prediction... if I have, reference my post #)... This is for sure... it'll go up if the SP500 goes up; It'll go down, or stay flat, if the SP500 goes down.

      And, if, as you say, it's easier to predict long term moves than daily, then why have virtually all you shorts' predictions dating back to late January been in the 35 - 40 (post-split) for this period (e.g., Pyuris's 70 (pre-split) on 2/7; Law's and Toy's 35-40 by 4/1, etc.) when it's not dropped below 65?

      If it's that easy, you guys missed the easy long opportunity by about 50%, whereas you only miss your daily predictions by a range of > 3% - < 10%... YEH, YOU'VE CERTAINLY PROVEN IT'S EASIER TO PREDICT LONG TERM OVER DAILY! (teehee, teehee)...

      Have a DOWN day!

    • AOL is now up 1 7/16 in early trade. I tried to get on this board all morning, but was having problems. Anyway, mlisaac's prediction is looking good so far. I will go out on a limb and predict, even though AOL is now up 1 1/2, that AOL will end down on the day. A very bold prediction given how strong this market looks.

    • I predict AOL will go up at least one full point today (at market close).

    • look around 65

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