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  • safadinho safadinho May 1, 1998 10:18 PM Flag

    AOL UP 83 1/2 afterhours trade

    I can't believe I'm in this! PE=666
    (Hmmmm....maybe its a Satanic conspiracy) The fundamentals are
    all wrong! It makes no sense I tell you. The product
    sucks! Book Value $1.50!! Millions of angry customers
    p.o.'d at busy signals. Millions even paying LD charges
    to access the AOL modem. They're like heroin

    The other night my mom was over and asked to use my
    PC to log onto AOL. Of course I had the software
    'cause it comes with every *&%^$ PC on earth! As she's
    checking her e-mail (ever hear the ingratiating and
    nauseating AOL "you have e-mail" voice?) My mom says, "I
    just love AOL. It's easy and fun!"

    Then. I saw
    the light!!! "Easy and fun!!" Idiots by the millions
    at $21.99/month. (No offense mom.) I've even met
    some idiots who keep paying their credit card charges
    though they didn't even own a computer anymore! No
    lie!!! Maybe they'll get a replacement PC so they can
    order The Best of Slim Whitman on KTEL.COM via

    I'm in. I'm nervous. This IS unnatural and unreal.
    You can bet I'll keep those stop loss orders creeping
    up about 9% behind the current price in case of

    Me. AOL? My money. AOL? My common sense. AOL? My
    MBA!! AOL??

    I'm not a lemming. It's not my
    nature!! Who can sleep at night owning this thing!!!?? Yet
    . . . who can stand by and watch the money pass you

    Go AOL!!! (What am I


79.24-0.57(-0.71%)Aug 26 4:02 PMEDT