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  • gotothemoon gotothemoon Feb 2, 1999 6:59 AM Flag

    If you want tickets to STAR WARS during

    .....this summer. Buying them in advance through
    AOL MovieFone on the internet may be the only way to
    insure you can get a seat.

    Pittman is turning AOL
    into a media giant!

    Think of the marketing
    possibilities, web hits, and advertising

    MovieFone already has exclusive on-line ticketing
    agreements with leading theater chains.

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    • AOL IS HERE TO STAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • If you own the stock in street name, with broker
      holding your shares, you will benefit from the split up
      to the 2/22 date.
      Issued shares are treated
      differently, but eventually corrected.
      If you hold your own
      shares, purchase by 2/08 to assure timely

    • retired while my dumb son is still working at MCD.

      I LOVE IT - GO AOL.

    • MY SON SUX

    • Right-on, up to the last min. on the last day. Why do they post record anyway? Who would buy in between those dates?

    • Fed Fumbles the internet

      The minutes of
      the Fed Open Market Committee make it clear that Fed
      officials didn't wish to ``trigger a strong further advance
      in stock market prices that wouldn't be justified on
      the basis of likely future earnings and could
      therefore lead to a relatively sharp and disruptive market
      adjustment later.'' But that is exactly what they did, Stack

      ``Fed officials ignored the first rule of
      Bubbleology,'' he wrote. ``A bubble, once created, cannot be
      stabilized. It must either be popped, or the emotional
      exuberance will just keep inflating it to more ridiculous

      Stack views the market as extremely high-risk, with
      both the price/dividend ratio and the price/book ratio
      at unprecedented heights. In a pair of graphs, he
      shows how the recent rise in Internet stocks resembles
      the 1976-1980 ascent in gold. (Today, 18 years later,
      gold is selling for about one-third of its 1980 high
      and has hardly made any money for most investors in

      Based on these fears, Stack advises his followers to be
      87 percent in cash. He is recommending a pair of
      underperforming gold stocks that trade on the Toronto Stock
      Exchange: Euro-Nevada Mining Corp., and Franco-Nevada
      Mining Corp. He is also recommending the Rydex Ursa
      Fund, a ``bear market fund'' designed to rise when the
      Standard & Poor's 500 declines. It's fallen about 15 in
      the past three months, while the S&P rose 18 percent,
      and Rydex Ursa lost 19 percent for all of last

      I agree with Stack's bearish view, but I would
      never go so heavily into cash as he recommends. I've
      read too many studies suggesting that timing the
      market verges on the impossible. When I'm very nervous
      about the market -- now, for example -- my cash level
      is about 30 percent.

    • It is my understanding that a stock split is the
      same a cash stock dividend. You have to
      own the stock on the date of record in order to
      receive that cash dividend...Why is it not the same as
      with a stock split..Can anyone settle this confusion

    • 2%...EEE_mike and bill Parcels must be really happy they own ATHM, as well as everyone on the ATHM board

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