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  • sln8424774 sln8424774 Apr 9, 1999 9:26 AM Flag

    The chat rooms are unavailable ..any

    regulars lurking here??????????/


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    • "After all, WebTV demonstrated a set-top
      prototype back in 1997 with an RF tuner that uses cable or
      broadcasttelevision signals to download digital data."

      forget that the FCC has mandated that *all* television
      has to be switched over to digital within the next
      few years (I forget the year, I think it's 2002 or
      2005 or thereabouts).

    • that analyst is an idiot, he been saying that for
      years about AOL DELL YHOO...he is a loser. If you
      would've listen to him you would not have the money you
      have from AOL today.By the by he is the one who
      recommend IOM CPQ DIC and other losers last year.And David
      F. " the brain" is another idiot who is jealous of
      every one who is succesful.
      Don't worry about AOL-
      it is a leader of internet for many years to come!

    • R&D on the cable internet, they'll let him
      He can't be that greedy. (The other main reason
      ,besides scared, that he is going to D.C. (oh yeah, to
      whine also).

      He must be a lackey for the baby
      bells.(now thats a monopoly-but
      not for long)

      luck to all.

    • occur to further high speed broadbandwidth if
      profit is not to be made, which kills Yahoo and DELL and
      MOT and AOL etc.
      Congress isn't that dumb. Yeah
      why don't we let our oversea competition catch up.
      We need to ratchet-up the net. Tell Case to go the
      ADSL route
      and may the best company win.(I think he
      already knows what the outcome would be)

      lose Tuesday when congress tells him(again) that cable
      internet is still in the growing stage and to wait a few
      Afterall, doesn't AOL have 16 million or so subs. Cable
      only has
      500,000 or is it a million. Sure is
      rising quickly isn't it!

      Good luck to all.

    • If AOL does not invest any money in the cable
      systems, don't expect them to have a free ride when T puts
      their internet/cable system online...bad luck for
      AOL...they better start investing or lobbying their
      senators...big trouble ahead if you own the train, but have no
      fast tracks to run it on...oh yeah...perhaps T with a
      p/e of 27 and real earnings may be the steal of the
      year...get on board before the train leaves the station on
      the fastest tracks in the internet market!!!

    • did anybody watch cnbc friday? They had a analyst
      on that said AOL would definitetly collapse .Where
      do they find these guys. I don;t know but wish they
      would not put them on the air , bet the sucker has
      shorted aol.

    • neon,,,,,the next ebay,,,,,,buy monday or pre markt monday,,,big news coming

    • Just wrote a short message to local senator here
      (Michiagn) asking for his support on the issue of equal
      access for all ISPs (including AOL) on local cable
      networks. The argument is simple -- The idea of having
      cable companies pick an ISP of choice is equal to
      creating a monopoly which kills competition. Think what
      would appen if local phone companies do the same, Some
      long distance will be out of business

      If need to find e-mail for local senator, search for
      "Senator" in Yahoo, click on the first match.

      In my
      opinion if local cable networks are opened to AOL, many
      more of AOL share holders will be Millionaires soon.

    • long AOL

    • !!

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