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  • gomerak gomerak Apr 9, 1999 6:26 PM Flag

    Playfuller, put your money down AND

    short AOL, you won't because you're not sure !

    AOL WILL TRADE BETWEEN 130 - 170 then go to 250+ in 6 months

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    • cums Clinton's Stuffed Sausage....and polish it off with Monica's
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      yep..a full meal!

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    • Fasten your seatbelts...AOL will drop like a ride
      at the Magic Kingdom...even if they get every
      possible computer user in America at $200 a month that
      produces revenue of...100 million users x $200 = $20 the hell could that sustain a market cap of $160
      billion...dream on...they are screwed if Congress gives T control
      over the cable access...because...T will own the
      fastest/cheapest/easiest internet highway...100 times faster than fibre
      optic...T now owns the cable...get it...they can steer
      people to their portal...get it...AOL must do everything
      it can to gain access to this mode...its all about

    • I'm long on both ATHM and AOL, but I gotta tell
      you that Sat. I signed up for ATHM service here in
      Denver after seeing the demo. It's awsome! AOL is
      undeniably the gorilla, but speed will conquer.

      lets you use the web like you always wanted to at your
      home, flying faster than the T1 at the office for only
      $40 a month. The deal TCI gave me was a free install
      (includes cable modem and ethernet card) and a free month
      for only $39.95, money back gauranteed if not totally

      If AOL doesn't find a broadband solution soon, it
      could be a real problem as folks hear from friends who
      are hyper-surfing on the always-on cable

      I love AOL, but you just can't overlook ATHM's
      genius in the whole broadband game plan. Maybe AOL/ATHM
      merger is the answer?

      Long and prospering with
      ATHM & AOL,

    • Trajin: Thanks for the kind words. I have thought
      quite a bit about buying ATHM but always decided
      against it. It has had a nice run too. I could be wrong
      of course about ATHM, but I think AOL eventually
      will be everywhere: regular ISP, DSL, cable and
      wireless, and AOL's already beaten everyone to the punch
      for marketshare: as I recall, about 16 million vs.
      ATHM's goal of about 1 million this year. Still, there's
      nothing wrong with some diversification. I just dont buy
      the cable only model of ATHM. Do your own due
      diligence and good luck.

      dobermandog: In its early
      years, I'm sure people would have said the same thing
      about how unlikely it would be for MSFT to grow to its
      current market cap. My point, in any event, was that you
      can own AOL's future for 1/8th of today's price/sales
      multiple of ATHM. Also, if you asked me whether I would
      rather own MSFT or AOL, I would say AOL. GE is a much
      slower growing industrial conglomerate IMO. So, I would
      rather own AOL than MSFT & GE.

    • Thank you for your post-I certainly do hope you are right! Good luck!

    • Scandia said on Bloomberg TV that the "oil
      bubble" will eventually burst, that we have a new
      economy, and that interest rates will go down by the end
      of the year. If you have Real Networks, you can
      listen for yourselves. (Better than CNBC)

    • SHADDAP!!!!!!!!!!!

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