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  • steve007_99 steve007_99 Apr 11, 1999 8:28 PM Flag

    AOL is having a sale Monday!

    AOL may have a 15 to 20% off sale Monday! Great
    oppourtunity to buy the best company in the world at a 15 to
    20 % discount off its 175 high. This is how the
    brave get rich....and the meek...panic and sell!

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    • They have nothing to do with each other. If some
      fools throw their AOL stock away tomorrow I am buying
      it. AOL will have a big run up and more.

      mgt is incompetent and liars to boot. They claimed in
      February they were eating Dell's lunch but it looks the
      other way. How come they waited so late to warn and do
      it Friday so they do not have to hear from angry

      This could be a great chance to buy Dell for some
      reason it will probably fall more than CPQ even though
      they do not compete in the area CPQ is losing money
      in. This is and has always been a company specific

      Has nothing to do with AOL but it will
      cause AOL to open lower however I see money will come
      out of the sector and into net stocks. But AOL on the
      dip. The market will calm by WEDS I expect Intel and
      Apple to have done well.

      I can not believe
      analysts are still pushing CPQ they are a dog with major

    • Slower growth, lower margin, lower unit price
      1. Indicates greater number of PC's shipped
      to the market....
      3. Implies more internet
      4. Leads to more on-line traffic....
      5. Results
      in higher volume in E-commerce....
      6. Attracts
      more on-line advertising....

      Except for
      sympathy selling and margin liquidation, any termporary
      weakness in the NET sector should be an excellent buying

      The recent market weakness in Feb/Mar has witnessed
      this phenomenon. The big cap NET stocks should
      continue to outperform other sectors for the remainder of

      I consider the must-own BIG 6 NET STOCKS as


      Be smart but vigilant. Accumulate on genral market


    • Is that a threat Dow? I am out of here. This is crap.

    • I am ignoraant on this issue, however, there were
      some very well written posts yesterday addressing this
      issue, if you'd like to go back. I don't remember
      exactly the time of day, either in the morning or after
      5pm, I think. You may want to look back to them. good

    • I'm new to this... what does Schwab changing its margin requirement for buying AOL mean? Are they trying to prevent "vulnerable" investors?

    • :-) :-)..........

    • Hope tomorrow isn't too bad, if at all. Again,
      won't much matter by Dec. OT-beach was great today, how
      did you ever leave Bocca??? Oh yes, did you know
      Jimmy B. moved from Keys to Palm Beach County-that's
      what I heard, anyway...

    • are too many comic book readers/posters here tonight. See you later.

    • Like we all didn't know this already..... ;)

    • what will happen tomorrow, why not keep opinions
      focused on what we think will happen by July? One week or
      one day or one hour really doesn't matter-we are all
      here because we have invested in a company which we
      feel will be part of the future world of the internet,
      The future is not tomorrow, not even next week. Let's
      not forget our vision of the world of internet access
      of tomorrow (figurative, not literal). In my
      opinion, all these silly posts are pure conjecture, I
      would like to see some OPINIONS and thought about next

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