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  • grateful4dell grateful4dell Apr 20, 1999 2:28 AM Flag

    more blood tomorrow

    look at the 12 month chart with the moving
    averages. AOL has met its 50 day average and is going to
    break through it. My TA indicates at least four more
    days of declines. Not as deep as today, but this
    overpriced POS (piece of stock) is headed for the two digit
    zone. Save your money and buy cheap. If it breaks
    through the 200 day moving average, you may be able to
    get it for 70.

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    • i agree with you thdo is a much better stock than
      the garbage being peddled here. I will talk to you
      later, in private, about it in much more

      love your


      ps. I miss you a lot you should come around to the
      board more often!!!

      hugs and

    • Medical Industries of America (MIOA)Reports 243%
      Increase in Revenue and 541% Increase in Profitability for
      First Quarter 1999

      BOYNTON BEACH, Fla.--(BW
      HealthWire)--April 19, 1999--Medical
      Industries of America Inc.
      (Nasdaq:MIOA) Monday announced that
      revenues from continuing
      operations for the first quarter ended
      March 31, 1999
      totaled $7,884,000, a 243% increase over revenues
      continuing operations of $2,297,932 reported for the first
      ended March 31, 1998. Net income from continuing
      operations for the
      current three month reporting period
      was $128,000, or $.01 basic
      earnings per share, a
      541% increase over losses from
      operations of $29,000, or $.01 per share, posted in the
      reporting period in 1998.

      Michael Morrell, chairman
      and CEO of Medical Industries, stated:
      "During the
      first quarter of 1999, the management team of MIOA set
      to implement one of the most aggressive growth
      initiatives in the
      medical industry. By capitalizing on
      our existing profitable
      businesses, we have
      elected to pursue an extraordinary opportunity
      seize market leadership in the emerging med-e-commerce
      arena. Driven
      by new technologies and proven industry
      talent which we will acquire
      upon completion of the
      proposed mergers with American Enterprise
      Inc. and Cybercare Inc., we believe that this company
      ultimately be responsible for introducing ground-breaking
      reforms to
      consumer medicine. This mission, however,
      will not interfere, but
      rather serve as the
      impetus, for continued and enhanced profitability
      our platform medical companies -- both in the short
      and long term
      growth of the company."




      1999 1998

      Total Revenue $ 7,884,000

      Total Cost and Expenses 7,256,000

      Income (Loss) From Continuing

      128,000 (29,000)

      Net Income 128,000

      Income/Loss per common

      - Basic:

      Continuing Operations $ .01 $

      Net income $ .01 $ .01

      Basic Shares Issued and

      Outstanding 24,840,000

      About Medical Industries of America

      Headquartered in Palm Beach County, Fla., Medical Industries
      America Inc. is currently in the business of developing
      medical delivery services by providing diversified
      technologies, physical and pain rehabilitation, occupational
      speech therapy, sleep apnea, diagnostic and treatment
      pharmaceutical services and international air ambulance

      Safe Harbor Statement under the Private Securities
      Reform Act of 1995: The statements which are not
      historical facts
      contained in this press release are
      forward-looking statements that
      involve certain risks and
      uncertainties including but not limited to
      risks associated
      with the uncertainty of future financial
      additional financing requirements, development of new
      government-approved processes, the impact of competitive products
      pricing, technological changes, the effect of economic
      conditions and
      other uncertainties detailed in the
      company's filings with the
      Securities and Exchange


      Medical Industries of America Inc.,
      Boynton Beach

      Linda Moore,


      Continental Capital & Equity Corp., Longwood,

      Dodi B. Zirkle,


      APR 19,1999

      8:36 PACIFIC

      11:36 EASTERN

    • baldman:

      I've been my homework. Trust me,
      I know all about overvaluation. I was short for
      most of the market swoon last year when the market
      tanked. I have studied the major bear markets in history
      and have read many different books on the matter. I
      look for signals of when this market will break
      everyday. We ain't there yet. Oh, by the way, AOL is kicked
      ass as I type this: how's your short doing?

    • and GROWING! it's worth the check.

    • Whose projections are these?

    • It's your experience that will get you into
      trouble...the only market you've known is one in which you see
      stocks trading at over 600 x earnings. Good luck to you
      just the same. If and when you get your butt kicked by
      the market don't let it scare you off.

    • .
      MARRY HER!! Thoght that would cheer you all up!!


    • I've been waiting for someone to help me make a decision and you are my knight. Holding on for dear life....thanks again.

    • Yesterday, ADG (Advanced Communications Group )
      announced that their company, to be renamed,
      will be part of Microsoft explorer 5.0.
      was rated one of the top 100 internet sites and does
      that the same thing infospace does( trades at
      ADG will be selling off their telco side, and will be
      the only ".com" on the NYSE come 3rd quater and will
      issue an addtional 15,000,000 shares under the new name
      , a symbol to be determined later,
      Guys this is an internet IPO without the IPO....Here
      is the newstory, and once worldpages gets rolling,
      they will see 100 in no time at all.........Symbol ADG
      trades at 8 5/8's

      WorldPages/Web YP, Inc. Announces Alliance with Microsoft
      Corporation; Microsoft Adds to Internet
      Explorer 5.0
      SAN FRANCISCO, April 19 /PRNewswire/ --
      WorldPages/WebYP, Inc., a leading Internet white and yellow pages
      directory ( today announced a
      strategic alliance with Microsoft Corporation (Nasdaq: MSFT
      - news), which integrates
      the WorldPages Directory into the Microsoft Internet
      Explorer search capabilities. The directory will enable
      users of Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 5.0 as
      well as older versions 3.0 and 4.0 to access
      WorldPages' search for business, people, and government
      listings throughout the U.S. and around the
      world. is the yellow and white pages online directory,
      which PC Magazine rates among its Top 100 Web Sites and
      The Wall Street Journal ranks as one of its ``most
      useful web sites for business users.'' The
      comprehensive, user-friendly electronic directory lets you
      search across town or across the world for anyone, any
      place, any thing, quickly and easily. WorldPages allows
      fast and easy access to all 117 million U.S. and
      Canadian white and yellow pages listings (including
      mapping,) toll-free numbers, 9 million email addresses, 30
      million URLs and links to over 350 directories worldwide.
      ``We are very pleased to extend our long partnership
      with Microsoft,'' said Rick Klein, President of
      WorldPages. ``Internet Explorer 5.0's advanced options offer
      an excellent place for consumers to start their Web
      sessions. The easy navigation, personalized content, along
      with the fast and friendly interface, make Internet
      Explorer 5.0 easy to use. The opportunity for us to
      provide Microsoft Internet Explorer users with our
      quality directory content is a great win for us. Being
      chosen by Microsoft as a content provider for their
      first class portal is another validation of our quality

      ``We believe WorldPages' value added directory
      services will work particularly well for Internet
      Explorer, producing valuable content for their viewers,''
      Dick Reid, CEO added. ``WorldPages offers Internet
      Explorer users access to information and web sites of more
      than 150,000 small businesses across North

      About WorldPages and Web YP, Inc.

      Among the
      Yellow Pages Directory reseller sales partners working
      with Web YP, Inc./WorldPages is Great Western
      Directories, a property of Advanced Communications Group, Inc.
      (ACG (NYSE: ADG - news)). Advanced Communications
      Group, Inc. announced this week that its board of
      directors has approved a letter of intent to acquire the
      outstanding stock of Web YP, Inc. (d/b/a
      Also included in the transaction are related companies
      YPtel Corporation, also a Yellow Pages Directory
      publisher (d/b/a Pacific Coast Publishing/Regional
      Telephone Directories), a reseller of WorldPages products,
      and Big Stuff, Inc., the web site production arm of
      Web YP, Inc./

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